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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

it's a party!

I get invitations for all kinds of things.  Holiday parties, charity functions, walks around the block, parent-teacher conferences, the white sale at Bloomie's...  I always consider the invitation and decide what needs to be done based on my calendar.  Can I do it?  Can I fit it?  Can I manage it?  And then, typically, I do whatever it is I need to do to make it work.  I call a sitter, pencil it in, find an outfit, arrange a carpool and hit the road.  That's the type of response that we would expect to give to an invitation.

You know, the universe works pretty much the same.  When we invite a thought, an event, a situation, a relationship into our lives, the universe responds just as we would to a proper invitation.  If the invitation makes sense, our spirity selves will pull strings in order to make things happen for us.  If it doesn't fit in our calendar, we will have to work a thousand times harder to make things happen on our own... or run out of days trying.

When we invite positivity into our lives, we will receive positivity into our lives.  Ask and we shall receive.  Really, all it takes is the ask.  All we have to do is be honest with ourselves, feel worthy of goodness in this lifetime, and imagine ourselves receiving.  RECEIVE.  I love that word.  All this is easier said, I know.  But it's true.

You want good in your life?  Ask for good.  Don't beg.  Don't plead.  Don't compare your good to your neighbor's good.  Don't get angry when it doesn't work out your way right away.  Be patient.  Keep asking.  Write your requests down.  Create a formal invitation addressed to all the good things you want to accomplish, to the children with whom you want to have patience, to the success you want to find in your employment.  Go ahead, try it.  Okay, okay, I'll try first:

"Dear Universe, I invite you to bring flexibility into my life... specifically, into my hamstrings.  I invite you to help me find inspiration in my writing so I can connect with and help others.  I invite you to bless my family with health and kindness.  I invite you to bring my new baby niece home from Honduras this month."

(Saved the best for last. ;-)

That's all it takes.  The universe is eager to receive your invitations and will provide you with exactly what you need.  Because the universe is working for you.  The universe is constantly catching you and tripping you, holding you up and pushing you ahead in order to get you exactly what you need in every minute.  The universe wants you to learn and heal and love and feel.  Elevate.

But, hey.  You want bad?  You can get that, too.  Burying yourself in gossip and materialism, greed and anger, jealousy and obsessive thoughts will get you loads of bad.  And maybe all that bad is what your are meant to receive.  Maybe that bad is your karmic payback.  Maybe you just need to stew in that bad for awhile so the universe will keep on sending you bad.


Until, until, until, you start INVITING THE GOOD.  Because when you are READY to invite the good, the universe will sigh relief.  THANK GOD SHE FINALLY ASKED ME FOR SOME GOOD!

But if you don't invite the good, ask for the good, expect the good - the good won't come.  You might get  bitty flashes of the good.  The good might poke it's shiny head out and say, "Hey hey!  I'm here!  I'll tickle your belly, give you a laugh, but then I've got to motor b/c you're not quite ready for me yet.  When you invite me formally I'll be here for you b/c I love you.  I do.  But until then, I remain a whisper."

It's really up to you.  Invite the good.  Invite the bad.  It's all the same to the universe.  But is it all the same to you?

Peace, love, gratitude,

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