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Monday, January 31, 2011

thank you, spirity v!

Fell asleep last night feeling loads of gratitude for the many lives my soul has inspired and guided over the centuries.  I share a deep connection with those people, though on this plane we might never realize it.  They endured horrible conditions, starvation, persecution, disabilities, poverty, hopelessness, insurmountable fear, floods, wars and disasters.  And here I am (we are, my, ahem, personalities and me) today, sipping tea in a cozy kitchen, nestled in this sweet little quintessential New England town, waiting for my 3 healthy kids to wake up for school where they can learn about anything they want.

Oh, sure.  I still have problems, shortcomings, insecurities, bad habits.  But I feel very fortunate to be in the here and now.  I also feel I (we) deserve it - my soul has rewarded me (us) with this lifetime because I (we) have suffered through so many others.  I think my higher self is saying, "We done good.  Let's take a breather.  Vanessa, go enjoy this lifetime and spread some love.  Show compassion for others in pain b/c you (we) were there once, too.  Oh, and here are a few gifts to help you (us) along the way.  Try not to lose focus."  So here's a thank you note to my soul and my former selves.  This sounds, weird and a borderline cheesy, I know.  But sometimes you just have to give into the cheese and acknowledge the part of yourself that's bigger than you are.

Someone should make a movie about this.  Oh wait.  They already did.  It's called Cybil.  Haha!  We're cracking ourselves up!  ;-)


Sunday, January 30, 2011

shameless plug weekends

I've found that new age opportunities are hard to find in the Boston area.  If you have an upcoming event, a holisitc service or talent, or a great yogi/new age center you'd like to advertise, please post here and I'll advertise it on my blog for free!  I'll do it every weekend from now on.  Here are the first entries...

Sunapee Soul Works
This is series of three weekend workshops in beautiful Newbury, NH (90 short minutes from Boston) focusing on mind, body and soul.  Each workshop costs $250*.

Psychic Bootcamp with Reverend Corbie Mitleid, April 1-3

“Psychic Bootcamp”, hosted by Corbie Mitleid, will blow you away.  Corbie’s a funny, dynamic, motivational and truly talented psychic whose skills were essential to the success of Robert Schwartz’s book Your Soul’s Plan.  She will do live channelings and readings with the group and help us better understand ourselves and our divine purpose.  I am counting the minutes to this weekend!  It’s going to be so fun and experiential! 
Between Corbie’s lectures, enjoy nearby hiking trails, yoga, massage, Reiki, meditation and a beautiful and relaxing Tibetan bowl performance.

Contact George & Linda West at Sunapee View Bed & Breakfast to inquire or book or visit them on Facebook. 

*See sidebar on this page to learn about all three workshops.  Price does not include lodging.  Space limited.  Must book by March 1, 2011.

Jude DeCoff

I’ve mentioned Jude a few times in my blog already, but if you are interested in a great reading, send him an email.  He is an “Indigo Child” who practices numerology and is a psychically gifted angel card reader.  He can also uncover past lives through your astrological natal chart.  And he’s a really sweet guy.  Personally, I’ve really enjoyed getting to know him and his readings have been spot on.  If you are not in the US, you can Skype with him so don't let your location hold you back!


Saturday, January 29, 2011

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January 28, 2011
Temporarily Out Of Balance
Going Through A Phase
In the process of becoming, we can become out of balance temporarily, but know it is only a phase and will pass.

We are all almost always in the process of learning something new, developing an underused ability or talent, or toning down an overused one. Some of us are involved in learning how to speak up for ourselves, while others are learning how to be more considerate. In the process of becoming, we are always developing and fine tuning one or the other of our many qualities, and it is a natural part of this process that things tend to get out of balance. This may be upsetting to us, or the people around us, but we can trust that it’s a normal part of the work of self-development.

For example, we may go through a phase of needing to learn how to say no, as part of learning to set boundaries and take care of ourselves. During this time, we might say no to just about everything, as a way of practicing and exploring this ability. Like a child who learns a new word, we want to try out this new avenue of expression and empowerment as much as we can because it is new and exciting for us and we want to explore it fully. In this way, we are mastering a new skill, and eventually, as we integrate it into our overall identity, it will resume its position as one part of our balanced life.

In this process, we are overcompensating for a quality that was suppressed in our life, and the swinging of the pendulum from under-use to overuse serves to bring that quality into balance. Understanding what’s happening is a useful tool that helps us to be patient with the process. In the end, the pendulum settles comfortably in the center, restoring balance inside and out.

Friday, January 28, 2011

lipo, laser & lip injections

I’ve spent my fair share of time contemplating the spiritual repercussions of cosmetic procedures - fills, injections, implants and other things we modern women do out of vanity.  And this is what I’ve come up with.  Plastic surgery cannot inspire true beauty or replace self love. That said, all physical events here on Earth are neutral.  Only feelings are real.  So if a smooth forehead makes you happy, botox it.  If you have 5 pounds of flabby skin around your belly after squeezing out a litter of babies, tuck away.  If big boobs make you feel sexy, buy implants.  If you always have to leave your shorts on at the beach in the summertime b/c you never have time to wax your bikini line, laser that shit off.  God will love you regardless.  God wants you to be happy.  Just make sure you don’t end up dressing (or acting) like Camille Grammer.  

Thursday, January 27, 2011



Lots of people have asked me about numerology so here's an abbreviated description.  Think of numerology as bread crumbs from the Universe, helping us find our ways home when we're lost.

Numerology is similar to astrology but it's based on numbers instead of planets.  I'm pretty sure some ancient Greek dude who was obsessed with numbers discovered it a gazillion years ago.  And it's way easier to understand than astrology because answers are uncovered through simple addition and subtraction.  My 6 year old can do it - and does.

The theory behind numerology is that each number has its own unique energy with specific characteristics and these characteristics tell you your life's purpose, personal strengths, challenges, yearly cycles and more. 

Charts are centered around something we all know very well - our names and birthdays.  There's a great book called Numerology by Hans DeCoz that shows you how to divine your numbers.  It's easy and straight-forward.

My friend/psychic/numerologist Jude DeCoff did my full chart for me, then I got the DeCoz book and did my numbers again just for kicks.  I came up with pretty much the same chart so the only point of me doing it again was to understand the process fully.  I got addicted very quickly and did my kids' charts, friends' charts, my dog's chart.  I love it.  So fun.

I'm going to share a little of my personal numerology so you can see how the numbers can be a great guide.  I'll focus on just two numbers:  life path and pinnacles, though in order to see the whole picture it's important to have a complete chart.  And, yes, I actually did use these numbers to help me figure out what to do with life next.  To me, it makes a lot of sense. 
The most important number is the life path.  It tells us what we're here to do within the scope of our personalities.  I'm a life path 9 - here to connect with a cause greater than myself and to serve humanity.  The 9 tells me I'm a highly imaginative big picture girl.  I long for a Utopian society and can see clearly how things should be.  9s typically do not make lots of money unless we can attach our fortune to a larger cause.  This larger cause does not necessarily have to be charitable.  I could serve humanity by providing people with jobs / livelihood.  The important piece is to understand the value and purpose of money.  But money doesn't drive me anyway, which is also common in 9s.  What I love most about being a 9 is that I am able to subconsciously access experiences from past lives and use that knowledge to move forward in a new direction.  So cool.

There are four pinnacle cycles which tell us what our strengths will be during certain periods of our lives.  I'm transitioning out of my 7 pinnacle into my 3.  The 7 represents a period of spiritual growth and dedicated study, the 3 represents peaking artistic creativity and lots of social activity.  My artistic gift is writing so I am using it to share the bits of new age philosophy I've learned in hopes to identify with people and encourage deeper thinking.  I also freelance a social column for my local newspaper to satisfy the party girl within.  Neither of these make me any money.  ;-(   

So that's why I'm here and why I'm doing this.  What are you doing?  How'd you get to where you are?  Does your life jive with your numerology? 


Wednesday, January 26, 2011

"national no name-calling day" in america

When I first heard about "National No Name-Calling Day" this morning on my car radio I thought it sounded a bit cheesy, but then I thought better.  A day where children practice being kind to each other and participate consciously in a lesson about compassion... THIS IS FAB!

Every time you practice kindness and give loving energy, you are functioning on a higher frequency.  This higher frequency is like having a super power, giving you the ability to alter your environment on a cellular level.  Moods lighten, sickness subsides, plants grow, cats purr, fortuitous "coincidences" happen.  Your loving energy creates perfect harmony with the planet and the planet responds accordingly.  This is very true and has been proven scientifically.

So when the nation comes together on one special day to practice kindness and compassion, the result is an intense uplifting of energy on an enormous scale.  But this energy doesn't stop at the US borders.  It is a wave that moves and tumbles over others without limits.  We feel it, our friends feel it, the trees feel it, the Earth feels it.

I hope the positivity and acceptance exuded by America's children today washes over the whole world.  To my readers across the pond and down under - let us Yankees know if you feel it!  :-)

Find a way to share the love today!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

calling number 1121! you're up next!

The Universe is infinite.  Relatively, the amount of time we spend on Earth is equivalent to a tiny speck of dust.  

If, after we die, our souls live on for eternity, what are we doing for the rest of the time?  Sitting on a cloud, staring into space?  Taking long naps?  Learning to knit?  Playing board games with other spirity peeps?  DAMN, THAT’S A LOT OF TIME. 

For that matter, what were we doing before we were born?  Standing in a heavenly deli line waiting for our Earthly number to be called?  It all sounds ho-hum to me.  I imagine God to be much more efficient and creative with his use of souls.        

If we can come down to Earth and go back up to heaven one time, why can’t we do it a hundred times?  Just sayin’.  ;-)


Sunday, January 23, 2011

alone in the dark

As a child I was terrified of death.  TERRIFIED.  I was also afraid of the dark, as that’s when things that want to kill you come out - vampires, Jaws, wolves, aliens, the creeps in the Thriller video, and anyone appearing on “Unsolved Mysteries”.  I had nightmares all the time.  I clearly remember sneaking into Mom & Pop’s room in the wee hours, trying to guess which side of the mattress would welcome me in and which would send me back to my Holly Hobby-clad bed.  Sometimes when my nightmares woke me up, I’d stay paralyzed under the covers.  Too scared to run down the hall for help.  My big sister hovered inches above my head in the top bunk, but the long climb up the ladder would surely leave me vulnerable to the creatures lurking below.

Bedtime caused me quite a bit of anxiety.  My parents told me these hideous creatures did not exist and that I was safe.  But I never felt safe.  Nobody was able give me the security I needed.  Thinking back, I want to cry for that tiny frightened girl white knuckling her blankets all night.  It was sad to feel so alone and scared, even if the fear was completely irrational.

Happy to report, I’m not afraid of the dark anymore.  I find the dark quite peaceful now and would have a hard time sleeping with even a nightlight.  I kicked the darkness neurosis when I was 24 (this is abnormally old, I know).  I worked on a cruise ship called Maasdam and there were no portholes in my cabin.  My roommate and I worked crazy hours and caught zzzs whenever we could.  Since our cabin had no porthole, the room was often dark in the middle of the day and out of respect for one another we’d fumble around quietly with the lights off.  Midday darkness just doesn’t hold the scare factor that midnight darkness does.  You can’t be freaked out at noon.  It’s just not cool.  I also found that between total exhaustion, supreme drunkenness and rolling seas I could’ve sleepily spooned with the Boogie Man and been blissfully unaware.

The fear of death lingered much longer, but ended equally abruptly.  As quickly as it took to read the book “Life after Life” by Raymond A. Moody.  In it, Moody proves through recorded observations that people who have near death experiences (NDEs) report similar or near-identical stories.  Pulling away from the human bodies in spirit, traveling down the long tunnel, entering the loving light, feeling peaceful omniscience, reviewing their lives, seeing a crystal city, deciding they still have work to do on Earth and returning to physical lives.   You have to read the book to get the whole story.  Good stuff.  I’ll blog about it more later. 

The point is, I was afraid of the unknown.  Death.  But now I know death isn’t really death.  It’s a transition into love and light.  And love and light is pretty fabulous. 

There is so obviously something more.  Whether or not you subscribe to reincarnation, it’s hard to ignore thousands of people who report having the same NDE.  For me, in accepting the FACT that there is life after life, I overcame my deeply rooted fear of physical death.  In time, I also figured out why I was so afraid of it to begin with.  I think the answer is this:  I grew up without religion or open conversation about spirituality. 

Regardless of the practice, religion teaches children that heaven exists.  Religion looks those little munchkins in the eyes and tells them, without doubt, that they possess eternal spirit.  Religion provides answers to kids who have sooooo many questions.  And we all know a kid’s favorite question:  Why?  But why?  Yah, but WHY???????  I never had those answers as a child.  But now I think I have some. 

I don’t habitually take my kids to church, mosque or temple (though they are all lovely options), but I talk about God and this amazing Universe all day here in the home.  My house is my church - full of God’s energy.  I am very confident when I tell my children that we will always be together.  That we have shared countless lifetimes loving each other.  That sometimes I’m the Mommy, sometimes they are, sometimes we’re just friends.  But that we are always together, full of love and light.   

They listen, laughing and wondering with each other, “Who was I before?  Who will I be next?  I hope I’m a dolphin!  I hope I’m a bird!  Hahaha!”  And somehow, these are my kids.  Laughing at death.  Who would’ve guessed? 


I confess, to this day I still launch myself into the covers from half way across the bedroom.  That gnarly hand reaching out from below doesn’t stand a chance.    ;-)

Friday, January 21, 2011

finder's keepers

What you learn is yours forever.  

When we come into this life, we do not really start from scratch.  Let’s say you’ve wanted to practice medicine since you were a little kid.  Today you are a cardiologist, with a successful career focused on heart disease.  You are insightful, learned and well-respected by peers.  Would you be surprised to hear that it is likely you have been a doctor in previous lifetimes?  And likely a heart specialist?  The knowledge you acquired in previous lifetimes as a doctor has imprinted your soul.  This is passed on to you via your higher self.  Think of it like a booster, allowing you to excel in the modern day.  If you listen closely, the knowledge continues to help you in the form of intuition (your little voice).  Cool, huh?  

My numerologist/psychic/friend Jude DeCoff (hi Jude) told me that my talent for writing is a gift from a previous lifetime.  I’m so grateful for my scribbles.  I express my thoughts clearly and confidently on paper.  I can’t help but wonder who my benefactor was.  I’ve read Tale of Two Cities ten times.  Maybe Charles Dickens?  I know for sure it wasn’t Geoffrey Chaucer b/c to me reading his work is like eating Captain Crunch.  Painful.   Most likely I was an obscure writer from Smalltown, USA, but it’s fun to make shit up.  

[Side note:  Jude also told me that I drowned in the Titanic in one life and was persecuted and lynched in another.  I find this sickly humorous b/c I have a ridiculous fear of drowning in my car with the kids trapped in their seat belts; and I freak out when anyone gets close to my neck…  to the point I slept with blankets wrapped around my neck until I got married at age 27.  Not all gifts are accepted with the same level of enthusiasm.] 

Where were we?  Yes.  Knowledge.  Knowledge can also be a gift from other souls.  There’s a documentary called “The Music in Me” on HBO that follows several children who are musical prodigies.  Highlighted in it is a 7 year old from the deep-south named Guyland Ledet who plays the accordion like no one you’ve ever seen.  The dude is in first grade and he rocks out like someone possessed.  His great-grandfather (whom Guyland had never met) was a world famous accordion player and passed years ago.  Little Guyland said his grandpa came to him in a dream, took him outside and gave him his accordion.  Then he just started playing.  As simple as that.  Heaven sent.  How else do you explain the unexplainable?  You can watch Guyland's story below.  I play it for my kids and they love it.

I’ll leave you with a quote from one of my heroines, Maria Montessori:  “The things he sees are not just remembered; they form a part of his soul.”


Guyland Ledet - Part 1 of 2

Guyland Ledet - Part 2 of 2

Thursday, January 20, 2011

time's up?

I used to think about time and space and get really overwhelmed.  Downright frustrated.  It’s gotta begin and end somewhere, right?  Infinity is just too much to bear.  We measure everything – ingredients, square footage, waistlines, success.  Hell, men measure their penises.  Why can’t we measure the Universe?  

Here on Earth, we live in the 3rd dimension.  Most of us are limited to 3 dimensional experiences.  I can’t time travel.  I’m not psychic.  I’m a little crazy at times but for the most part very ordinary.  So I am one of those everyday people limited to Earthly confines.  After years of battling those confines, here’s the self-imposed command that finally inspired peace between infinity and me:

Stop thinking about life linearly.  In the Universe everything is in perfect divine order, but time and space mean crap.  God and his spirit-y peeps can pop in and out of various places / times with a whisper of thought.  The future is happening now.  So is the past.  Weird.  I know it’s impossible to fathom.  Try to just let it be.  Stop searching for the checkered flags because, as much as we want them to exist, they don't.   God dealt us the time card and we poor saps are stuck pondering it.  Just be on time for dinner.  

There, doesn't that feel better? 


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

here we go

Okay, let's start with the basics. 

Spiritually I’m coming from a place of I-don’t-know-how-I-got-here-but-I-have-some- pretty-good-ideas.  I believe in reincarnation – along with about 80% of the world’s population.  And it’s OK to believe in reincarnation and think Jesus is the heaven-sent Mack Daddy.  I think that, too.  I believe in GOD.  I also believe in MYSELF. 

That said, my spiritual journey began a few years ago.  [Channeling Sophia from the Golden Girls now.] 

Picture it.  The year is 2008.  I’m knocked up with baby #3, sitting on the couch watching Hollylwood’s Top Ten Best Bodies on E! with CG.  For some reason I decide to share with her that I’m not connected to this lifetime.  Like I'm not sure I'm supposed to be here.  I’m feeling vacant while I say it.  A bit lost maybe.  It’s not an extraordinary moment in my life, but saying the words aloud causes a strangely physical effect.   Sort of like the weight of truth squashing my skull but my head is full of air.  Weird, I know.  Moving on.  Later that week I turn on Oprah and see my future hero Brian Weiss.  (Can you tell I watch too much TV?  Don’t even get me started on the epiphanies that occur while watching Real Housewives on Bravo.)   Dr. Weiss is an Ivy League educated, world renowned psychotherapist who, after years of practice, specializes in healing through past life regression.   I pick up Dr. W.’s book Many Lives Many Masters the next day and love every page.  Sigh relief.  And so the journey begins.

I have a few years of material stored up in my noggin now and am eager to share.  However, I will take it slow.  I want to start off with something we are all familiar with.  The feeling that we've known someone "before" or that we share a soul connection with another human being.
We experience life on earth time and time again so that we can learn lessons in love, compassion and acceptance.  Each of us is part of a larger soul family or soul group made up of many souls with a common purpose.  We travel through multiple lifetimes with the same souls so that we can learn and evolve together, and also so we can clear up any karmic debt that exists between us (more on that later).  These souls could be your family, friends, co-workers, you name it.

You may already connect with someone in a special way and call that person a soul mate.  S/he can be your wife, your son, a sibling, an old lady who lives on your street, the trash man.  Doesn’t matter.  Just don’t limit your idea of soul mate to your significant other because you are missing the big picture.  Example.  Lynne Mazzoli (hi Lynne) is my BFFFFFF.  We’ve know each other since we were 7 years old and I love her so dearly and deeply that there is not a speck of doubt we are tied together in this three-legged race called life.  The parallels in our lives are no coincidence.  We were meant to meet each other in Mrs. McGrath's 3rd grade class, experience our journeys together and help guide each other through this lifetime with compassion.  She’s an easy soul mate to spot b/c our love is deep and obvious.  

But your soul mates do not always spend 30 years by your side.  Sometimes they pop up only for a moment but leave an enduring mark.  Another example.  I was in Paris last June with my kids and we stopped in a patisserie for sweets.  On the way out there was a gypsy boy begging on the sidewalk.  I gave him a raspberry yogurt and watched him gobbled it up with delight, my small gesture filling his belly for a few hours.  I couldn’t shake that boy.  I kept thinking about him - where he would sleep?  Did he have family?  Would he ever go to school?  

His grubby little face haunted me while I walked back to our flat and 7 months later I’m still thinking about him.  I wonder is he a soul mate who agreed to make a guest appearance that summer day?  Reaching out to teach me COMPASSION.  Maybe he was my baby boy in another lifetime.  Maybe my sister.  How could I ignore him?  How could I not help him?  We are all connected.  (Does this make sense?)  

When you understand that the beggar on the street or the thief outside your window was your mother in another lifetime, you will uncover a layer of compassion and acceptance that you didn’t know existed before.  It’s really quite beautiful and powerful.   


This is me with my hero Brian Weiss.  I attended one of his seminars at Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, NY this summer.  Amazing! 

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

brave new world

[tap-tap on the mike.]  hello?  is anyone out there?  as i'm typing my first blog entry i feel a little like christian slater in the high school movie classic pump up the volume...  letting his naughty thoughts fly into the world via pirated radio station, not knowing if anyone is listening.  i've never blogged before.  not really sure how this works or even how to post a picture.  (really annoying.)  i figure all this will come in time so please be patient with me. 

so i want to tell you who i am and why i decided to blog.  first, a quick bullet list:

  • vanessa linsey gobes of winchester, mass
  • 35 year old female
  • scorpio
  • married mom of 4... 3 from scratch.
  • dog owner
  • freelance writer and hopscotch career woman
  • jane of all trades
  • lover of all things colorful and beautiful
  • spiritual junkie
  • social animal
so that's me in a nutshell.  now the "so what?". 

i'm blogging in effort to share my spiritual journey (WAIT!  DON'T TURN THE DIAL!), though i won't limit myself to blabbing only about the universe and past life regressions.  i could write about godly stuff for a week then pop in a random bit about my dog pooping on the dining room table (oh yes, that happened to me this summer as my facebook friends are well aware.  i'm sure there was a spiritual lesson hidden in there somewhere but i'll be damned to find it.)  anyway.  consider these posts as spiritual crib notes (thank you TG for that idea). 

WARNING:  i will swear.  shit, fuck, asshole.  there.  it's out of the way.  i will offend.  i will over-share.  i will make mistakes.  i will embarrass myself and very likely my family.  but i promise that along the way i will encourage you to remember that you are here to love, laugh, connect, screw up and accept it. your support and your reactions are so appreciated and valued.  please don't be shy about posting a comment.  i hope this will be an uplifting and mind-opening conversation for all to share. 

these messages are delivered with love and gratitude for you (YES YOU!) and for this amazing journey earthly journey we're on.  come back and visit me tomorrow afternoon and we'll get this party started...