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Friday, January 28, 2011

lipo, laser & lip injections

I’ve spent my fair share of time contemplating the spiritual repercussions of cosmetic procedures - fills, injections, implants and other things we modern women do out of vanity.  And this is what I’ve come up with.  Plastic surgery cannot inspire true beauty or replace self love. That said, all physical events here on Earth are neutral.  Only feelings are real.  So if a smooth forehead makes you happy, botox it.  If you have 5 pounds of flabby skin around your belly after squeezing out a litter of babies, tuck away.  If big boobs make you feel sexy, buy implants.  If you always have to leave your shorts on at the beach in the summertime b/c you never have time to wax your bikini line, laser that shit off.  God will love you regardless.  God wants you to be happy.  Just make sure you don’t end up dressing (or acting) like Camille Grammer.  


  1. do you think other people (men AND women) are as critical of us as we are? - KC

  2. hells no! we torture ourselves about the tiniest details and really i think outsiders couldn't care less! it's like when you have a big zit and that's all you can think about but no one else even notices it's there. having clearer skin would help you to focus on conversations and other people, so pop that sucker, cover it up with a pound of make up and enjoy your friends and family without insecurity! love love love you!

  3. what are YOUR thoughts on it???

  4. I totally agree. As a member of the health care industry, I'm surprised by the number of my patients who point out to me that they haven't shaved, etc...and I don't notice nor do I even make a note of it.... until they've said something...:) So I agree that we are much harder on ourselves than anyone else out there. So be kind to yourself and just do your best. If it makes YOU happy then do it, but if you do it to make SOMEONE else happy, then don't bother.

  5. YES!!! thank you for your pearls of wisdom, linda! xoxox

  6. I've been thinking about getting fillers, not a major surgery or anything, I think.
    But it seems like after seeing all these failure pictures and living with scars and ridiculous lips are worse than even having thin lips in the first place.

    1. Agree. There are some serious botch jobs out there. That's another piece to consider - risk! Maybe procedure will hurt more than help! Xx

  7. YaY Boob Implants for all! Your the best Van!