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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

"all my life i'd been searching for trees such as these" (seuss)

well, as it turns out that beech tree on my street is just about a hundred years old.  i know this because i was able count the rings on its stump today.

as i walked my son and my dog past the site today, i spent a few minutes searching around for the lorax.  i was sure he was hidden amongst the downed trunks and branches.  but, alas, there was not sign of the mythical mustached tree spirit.  just a messy pile of lifeless wood laying before a backdrop of spindly-looking tree friends.  i considered tacking a sign to the stump that read "UNLESS" but decided i'd already given my two cents and it was time to move on.

i then took a moment to reconcile the fact that the trees are gone.  but admittedly, i'm still disappointed that the original owners sold the souls of these truly magnificent natural masterpieces for a few thousand bucks - after all, this is a densely populated town and trees such as these are not exactly abundant in our neighborhoods.

i'm trying instead to feel grateful for the life lesson, for the many residents who do take the natural landscape into consideration before building homes (and there are plenty), for the copious firewood and for the space that's now available for a new family to move into the flats of winchester.  maybe they'll decide to plant a truffula or two in the backyard.

peace, love, gratitude,

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