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Friday, April 27, 2012

meditation for rookies

a beginners version of a guided meditation.  quick and easy.  check it out:

so there it is.  if you'd like to read more books with some great meditation techniques, check out the side bar of my blog for these book titles:

akashic records
anything by brian weiss
power of NOW
psychic development for beginners (tons in this one)

there are also tons of videos on you tube.

find peaceful moments anywhere - your (parked) car (my fave), the shower, during commercial breaks...  there is always a few moments.  as your practice matures, your experiences will become more intense and more healing.

peace, love, gratitude!!!!!!


  1. Hi Vanessa,

    It's your (ex)sister-in-law, Kathy here. I just listened to your meditation for beginners video blog and thought it was terrific! I just happen to be starting to explore this new (to me) world of meditation and hearing your voice in my ear while I try to get the hang of things was a real treat. I miss you girl - and am so for you that you have found your true calling. Hugs and love your way, Kathy :)

  2. hi kathy!!!! all those years of reading new age books on family vacation in maine has led me to this. ;-) i miss you, too! and i'm so glad to know that you are starting to meditate! i love that we can experience it together - in a weird way. :-) i hear that you are getting a big dose of happy these days, too, and it thrills me beyond! so much love for you... let's connect offline. xoxoxoxoxox