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Monday, April 9, 2012

sooooo huummmmmmmm

just wanted to share this quick instructional on meditation by deepak chopra.

chopra taught at medicals schools like tufts, bu, harvard then became chief of staff at new england memorial hospital just next door in stoneham, mass.  now he is an inspiration to millions worldwide, including me, sharing his wisdom on meditation and spiritual philosophy.

he tells us in this video that meditation is letting go, being effortless, doing nothing.  (i almost fell asleep while watching it!)  but as easy (or difficult depending who you are) as it sounds, meditation is proven time and time again to change a practitioner's life for the better.

okay, now try it yourself.  click below and follow along.  :-)

some people use mantras, others use candles or music to meditate.  there are a thousand ways to get there.  the important part is that we try.

peace, love, gratitude,

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