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Saturday, August 4, 2012

happy trails

on sunday we took a family hike along the trails surrounding our home in new hampshire.  belonging to a clan of passionate hikers, i have lots of woodsy time to contemplate nature and spirituality and life in general.  and over the years, i have learned that hiking is the perfect metaphor for life.

big thanks to CG for all of these great pics.

take the time to think about what it is you want to achieve, how hard you want to work, and where you want to go.
a topographical map of newbury trails

once you're on your way, look down enough to keep from tripping over obstacles, look up enough to enjoy the scenery, look behind you to appreciate where you've been, and look far ahead to keep your goal in sight.
navigating the stone garden at the hay estate and wildlife refuge
opening up to a sandy beach on lake sunapee
not from sunday, but couldn't resist this pic of KF enjoying the view on gunnison lake a couple weeks back

it's important to stay on the path.  a few steps to the side and you might end up in the thick.  you can always work your way back out to the path, but if you keep your eyes peeled, you'll see there are plenty of trail markers that will help guide you where to go.  you might even see some hidden gems.
can you spot the marker?
the kids spotted a perfectly gorgeous scarlet tanager hiding in the brush
there she is!

be sure not to leave any of your belongings or trash behind for others to find.  be responsible for the things you bring with you on your journey so they don't damage the environment or offend other people.
SG was never far from her walking stick, aka "the wizard's staff"
find joy on the path.  if there's no joy to be found, try a new path.
always time for a silly face...
or to just feel really happy.

peace, love, gratitude,

please share this with your favorite hiker.  :-)

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  1. Enjoyed the pics and the commentary. It brings u there, almost