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Friday, August 31, 2012

just let it shine through

i imagine that you can understand what it's like to have something really special that you want to share with the world.  something that you want to stroke and nourish and grow.  something you love so much that you want it to shine.  maybe it's your child.  maybe it's your business.  maybe it's your volvo.  for me, this "thing" is my soul.

when i release thoughts through my keyboard, i feel like i am polishing my heart.  i write to encourage my fellow human beings to love without limits... to take a deep, purposeful inhale and receive what the universe has to offer... to take a long, slow exhale and surrender to what the universe has in store.  i write to remind you, and myself, that we are all worthy.  period.  we don't need to be anything more than what we are.

each of us is divine, flawed perfection.

i came across this thought today during a particularly emotional meditation:  "receive and surrender.  you don't need to be anything more than what you are."  as these words strummed my mind, a rainbow-like ribbon of light began unraveling from my heart.  it wrapped around my waists, weaving through my organs and working up my back, filled my head and shot to the sky through my crown chakra.  white light drenched my body and burst through my root chakra, bringing with it a feeling of connection and love and healing.

it was quite lovely.  shiny, happy lovely.

peace, love, gratitude,

strangely, as i sit here and type, this is what i have stuck in my head:  "just let your soul glow...  feelin' oh so silky smooth, just let it shine through....   soul.  glo."  damn you, eddie murphy.  can't i post just one sentimental piece of creative writing without having a weird, twisty moment?  oh well.  maybe you'll be inspired to begin a meditation practice this weekend - just after renting Coming to America.

Please share this blog.  Like, repost, tweet, tumbl, anything.  I'd be so grateful.  And you know I'd do it for you if you asked me to.  :-)  xoxoxoxox


  1. Hi Vanessa
    thank you for liking my blog about Budhism and Retreats. I love your comments about the path we follow.
    'One who refrains from causing harm by way of body, speech or mind, can be called a worthy being'. Says the Dhammapada from Contemplation. Let's all aim for that!

    1. hi hi!
      thank you for your commentary. yes, it's a wonderful ideal to aim for. i think that the buddha is referring to those who are worthy of enlightenment in this saying. all souls are worthy of god's love, regardless of the stage of awakening. each stage is valuable, each stage is part of the divine journey. god's love, or self love, provides us with hope that we can be that person who refrains from causing harm.
      many thanks for your comment!