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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

tell me something good

Sherrie received a check for $100K from Target to fund her school's programs.

I never watch Ellen, but yesterday I was flipping to the US Open and the channel somehow rested on her show.  The timing was perfect.  Sherrie Gahn, Whitney Elementary School principal, was on, talking about some of the challenges she faces and overcomes in her school.  Her story was incredibly inspiring, but I'm not posting about her many achievements today.  I wanted to share something that she teaches her kids.

She says, never tell on a peer when he does something bad.  Tell on a peer when he does something good. 

I couldn't get over the simplicity of this idea.  I tried it out last night with my own kids.  They were baffled:

Says SG, "But what if XG is riding his bike without a helmet?"

Then PG, "So you don't want me to tell you that SG squirted toothpaste all over the sink tonight?"  (Hmmm...) 

I respond, "No, Mommy means to say that if big sister helps little brother tie his shoes, Mommy wants to know and you can feel really proud and happy about it." 

Excitedly kids cheer, "Fun!  Will we get candy???" 

There is certainly an adjustment period, but I can absolutely envision the long-term results.  And I like what I see!  What a great way to teach our kids how to practice kindness!   If you want to learn more about Sherrie's story click here.  Please pass it along!

Peace, love, gratitude,

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