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Friday, September 2, 2011

happy new year!

hello, dear friends.  i was basically MIA this summer so apologies to those of you who had formerly worked my (almost) daily stories into one of your daily rituals.  i'm so grateful for the time we've spent "together" and hope the days and weeks and months ahead generate lots of wonder, tears, laughter and embarrassing moments (my embarrassment, not yours ;-).

summer sizzle has fizzled and here we are back to the daily grind.  i've always felt my personal calendar starts in september, not january, so, for me, this is a time of reassessment, re-commitment and reconnection.  plus, the weather is waaaaay nicer now than in january; so as i pull myself up by my bootstraps and trudge into personal renewal, i'm not dealing with seasonal depression, a messy dead christmas tree and 25 inches of wet snow.  nice!  it's sooooo much easier to follow through with resolutions when the sun is shining and people are mobile.  :-)  i imagine this is the situation for most of us, so let me ring in september 1st by saying, happy new year everyone! 

big xo's!
peace, love, gratitude,

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