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Friday, October 28, 2011

tiny shifts

So yesterday I was on the phone with my teacher.  We only talked for a couple of minutes but in that time a shift occurred for me and I am so grateful.  This is something that may be common knowledge, but it's a new thought for me.  Wanted to share. 

We were talking about Jesus Christ and my teacher said, "Jesus is separate from The Christ.  Jesus is the man who gave his body for three years so that The Christ could come through with messages for us.  And there in lies the sacrifice."

Bing!  Ah-ha!  I get it!  So when Jesus is saying (and I'm not really quoting b/c I'm not well-versed enough in the Bible), "You will only find salvation through ME," he is CHANNELING The Christ.  The Christ is the "me", Jesus is not the "me".  "I am God," is not Jesus saying that he, the carpenter, is God; it's The Christ using his body to communicate, "I am God."  (Am I the only one who never understood this??)

Jesus is the vessel, a man.  A great man who gave three exhausting years of his life to serve as a channel for God's word.  A man whose personality, no doubt, appears to us when we are in times of need because we recognize and trust him.  Because he was the vessel.  He represents home to us.  He represents safety, peace, goodness, trust, purity, fearlessness.

There have always been people who could channel messages from the universe...  be them priests, psychics, mediums, healers, etc.  But these are people who take breaks.  They allow their personalities some time to get pissed off, have sex, get drunk, take care of their kids, or just function as a simpler version of a human being.  But not Jesus.  He committed.  He gave 100% and as a result we have a treasure trove of heavenly wisdom that has inspired and guided folks from all religions for 2,000 years. 

This is the same scenario as The Buddha.  Prince Siddhartha was just a man.  He sought enlightenment and when he gave his body completely to the universe, The Buddha took over and used Siddhartha's body as a medium, and as a result has inspired others to enlightenment over thousands of years.   

The Buddha lives in all of us.  The Christ lives in all of us. 

I think the hope for us reg'ler folk, is that we do our best to let The ________________ (fill in the blank with the prophet of your liking) shine through whenever we can.  We've created lives for ourselves that are incredibly distracting.  Realistically, in this modern age, if we could just clear a little of the clutter to the side and make a path for the universe to slip through, The __________________ in each of us might have a chance to shine a little brighter.

Peace, love, gratitude,

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