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Monday, March 26, 2012

i am good

i watched dr. wayne dyer's "wishes fulfilled" program last night on PBS.  he's such an awesome guy.  many of you probably read his books or watch his programming already but i just wanted to share my favorite moment from his lecture...  his "I AM" statements.

dr. wayne tells us that sleep is the time that our minds marinate - and the last thoughts that pass through our minds on the the way to la-la land are the thoughts that we brew for the next 8 hours or so.  so he urges us to keep those thoughts positive and affirming, so we soak in love while our busy minds take a snooze.  he says we should fill the last five minutes of wakefulness with "i am" statements.

personally, i really needed this affirmation last night, in particular.  i felt very unfocused and was feeling unlovable and undeserving of goodness.  as i fell asleep i reminded myself, "i am loving.  i am loved.  i am light.  i am worthy.  i am good," with hopes that the next day would bring new perspective.

i struggled still a bit today, but, with my fresh brewed perspective, decided that one of the best things i can do for myself to stay focused on my path and my goals is to limit my time on facebook.  i mean, seriously, holy time suck, batman.  i go through   phases with FB - ignoring my newsfeed for weeks or even months then getting hooked and reeled back in, usually through somebody's photos, and next thing you know i'm checking my friggin' page every hour to get a quick little crack high on witty commentaries and interesting online articles.  if i am going to actually BE and DO what i am wanting to BE and DO, i've got to discipline myself.  so let the limitations begin!  from now on i will only check FB once a day.

there was another thing that struck me today - not something that i need to change to make me better, but something that I AM doing that makes me GOOD now.  (phew!  i was hoping there would be something i didn't have to work at today!)

i videotaped a story this morning to share on my blog (maybe tomorrow) and had my girls watch it.  they liked it and then asked if they could record something, too.  as my oldest PG began to roll tape, she shut her eyes and calmly presented her buddha fingers saying, "be happy and peaceful with your inner buddha."  then in the next moment my little SG turned on itunes full blast, lifted up her dress for the camera and smacked her bare tush while belting out "party in the USA", all the time laughing hysterically.

if there are two sides of me, these are definitely them - the committed yogi and the dance-on-the-table-wanna-be-rockstar-but-am-a-little-too-old-to-be-cool-mother.  seeing evidence of my legacy in my girls' young lives made me very happy.  if there are two things i want to pass along to my children, they are peace and joy.  and i took this scene to be an ideal follow up to my prayers the night before.

so as i tucked my girls into bed tonight i thought of dr. wayne again.  i sent them to dreamland with their "i am" statements, bc it's never too early to start practicing good habits.  repeating after me, they affirmed, "i am loving.  i am loved.  i am healthy.  i am well.  i am happy.  i am good."  as i creeped out the bedroom door, PG piped out, "mommy, i feel weird."  i looked at her and laughed and said, "i am normal."  turning on the night light and heading downstairs i could hear her repeating, "i am normal.  i am normal..."  lol.

peace, love, gratitude,


  1. I love your two sides, they are peaceful and fun!! and believe me you ARE normal!!