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Monday, March 19, 2012

it's-a-like deja vu...

i had the most terrifically intense feeling of deja vu on saturday night.  it was so intense in fact that i decided i'd have to blog about it on monday.  ;-)   i absolutely love the new age definition of deja vu and wanted to share it with you.

we all know the feeling associated with the phenomenon:  we've seen this before, we've lived this moment before, we've been here before.  it's a little freaky, right?  and it only lasts a moment or two.   next time it happens, feel free to get a little thrill b/c deja vu is a beautiful memory from your pre-birth planning session.

this pre-birth pow-wow is when your soul and the individual souls of your heavenly family gather around and lay out the path you will walk on for one particular lifetime.  if you are rolling your eyes and thinking, "this sounds crazy," stop for a minute.  do you believe god has a plan for you?  if so, how do you think god creates this plan?  we say phrases like, "it was meant to be," and, "it's in the stars," every day.  but let's stop to think about what this really means - because if you truly do believe in fate, destiny, or just plain god, there must be a process during which your fate is decided.

so imagine a white room - not limited to time and space like we are here on earth - but a boundless room where souls congregate and plan.  imagine your own soul - maybe in its purest form it looks like an amorphic ball of light and color, but in order for the other souls on your next life's path to recognize you here on earth, you try on your skin suit and join the meeting.  your spouse, your siblings, your friends and enemies, your parents, your children, your nieces and nephews and teachers and random strangers on the street who affect you in some way, if even for a moment in time.  everyone is "dressed" their part.  this is why sometimes we feel like we've met someone before or we connect instantly - literally, we are recognizing people from our pre-birth experiences!

together you decide how you will help and challenge each other.  how you will hate and love each other.  where you will live and what pets you will have.  when and from what your body will die away.  what special talents you will be provided with in order to fulfill your life's purpose.  there is purpose and divine order for your lifetime that, when in motion, seems like chaos.

so keep imagining - light beings around a table, each dressed in his or her latest skin suit, everyone working together under the guidance of their master spirits in order to create the best opportunity for you to grow and learn and achieve your purpose in this lifetime.  on a side note, i think this a perfect time to point out how very important each of us is.  there is a phenomenal amount of energy poured into each lifetime.  each of us plays a specific role, each life is unique and important, special and valuable.

during the process you are able to view moments of your upcoming lifetime.  again, time and space not limiting issues in this dimension so you are able to see anything and everything.  this is why we experience deja vu.  we feel like we've seen something before because we have!  

and here in lies the beauty - piggy-backing on my last entry about the text in "the gita" - our only job to do while we are living here on earth is to give into the experience.  do our best work and know that god helped each of us to create a life that is enriching.  there are no mistakes.  there is no failure.  there is no earthly success.  there is only experience and surrender.  the liberation and the joy are found in surrendering to the power of the universe.

this life you are living is meant to be.  every thought that passes through your mind, every decision you make or don't make is a determined point on your personal timeline.  compare that timeline to the ocean's surface and imagine for a minute that you are a dolphin.  sometimes you dive deep and get lost in the ocean's attractions, but you have to keep coming up to the surface to take that next breath - no matter which way you swim, no matter what other sea creatures you may meet, you must come up for air.  and sometimes, when the mood strikes you, you propel yourself up from the depths and soar towards the sun.  but, still, of course, the surface awaits to receive you again.  if the ocean is earthly life and the sky is the universe, the surf is like an ever-present check-in point.  consistent and reassuring.  and that's where deja vu exists.  i love to think of deja vu as confirmation that i am on the right path and following through with my life's work, whether i've been diving deep or leaping to the sun, the surf is always there to reassure me that it's all good.

peace, love, gratitude,


  1. Hmm, I like the post, but I thought it might be a tad different. Like everyone is "assigned" a lesson to learn, a challenge to overcome, a goal to meet, etc. Then it's played out with these objectives and guardian angels looking out. I wonder if an older soul has more dejavu experiences.

  2. hi JA! just saw your post! i think you're right - we are each assigned a purpose then need to play out the process. our angels help to keep us on that path. the choices that we make throughout a lifetime are of free will. but during that pre life session the infinite "if-then" scenarios are all available to our souls. there are infinite choices we could make using our free will, and in heaven our souls have the advantage of infinity, and can therefore preview all of those different paths. i do think, however, that sometimes unforeseen things happen - and when they do our angels work hard to right the situation. :-)

    i imagine that an older soul would have deja vu, whether or not during a particular lifetime a person would chalk it up to just-a-strange-sensation or consciously register it as a past life memory. i know that in brian weiss' books, he talks about patients who have a feeling of being in a particular place before, only to discover through regression that they lived another lifetime in that place.

    i love to think about this stuff. isn't it fun? ;-)


  3. so, i've been meaning to reply. consider me crazy, but i like to think obama was lincoln in a former life. think about the poetic justice. then i wonder if we do something good, a change, in this life that it will come back to help in our next life. (and the opposite is true).

    i'm pretty certain, if it is possible, that i lived in my home before. it comforts my restless soul.

    lastly, my dad's purpose was learned. a beautiful love story for family. my mom's was not. i'm hoping she clues in. i'm always evaluating my life to find my purpose, make peace and to see if i mastered it.

    anyway, happy weekend!

  4. very poetic!!!!!!!! according to my readings, if we do not completely connect with the concept that we are trying to master, we will come back over and over again until that goal is reached. karmic balance is absolutely necessary to maintain universal harmony, so, again, i think you are right - when we do good, we are rewarded with good be it in the same life or the next life. and, yes, same with bad. example. a man in battle severs the arm of an enemy. when he returns in subsequent lives, he may be a woman who loses her arm to disease. but if she is a good woman who has already sacrificed of herself in search of her life's purpose and has bettered mankind through service, she might only lose her hand.

    i just had my akashic records read and learned that new england is where my soul is happiest. made a lot of sense to me and was very happy to hear that the place i call home truly is! if your gut tells you that your connection to your home is special it probably is! you could have lived there or had a dear friend who lived there... so cool!!!!

    i hear you about hoping loved ones clue into lessons. the wonderful part of this existence is that you can't go wrong and you can't fail. we learn through our challenges. and even if we don't have that "ah-ha" moment while in physical form, it all comes together in heaven. everything is reconciled there. i'd be totally happy to do a basic numerology chart for you, if you'd like. it's a great tool for confirmation and direction and focuses predominantly around your life's purpose. email me - and i can have it done for you in just a few hours!