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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

the following ideas are locally grown

i've noticed lately that, almost on a daily basis, i've been presented an idea by a friend, studied a concept in a book, or written about a spirity thought, only to have it repeated to me in another form or by another person the following day.  i'm so grateful for these synchronicities.

example.  my friend AH recommended a recorded guided meditation by thich nhat hanh, a vietnamese monk who was active during the civil rights movement here in america and, at that time, an outspoken proponent of a peaceful ending to the vietnam war.  guess who oprah interviewed the next day on her network?  thich nhat hanh!  actually, there were a couple of oprah synchronicities last week.  one day i wrote the words, "we are souls," in my blog about the value of winning ("it's how you play the game") and the very next day, oprah pointedly said, "we are souls," on one of her shows.

they're not overwhelming coincidences.  honestly, they're barely worth mentioning.  but i so appreciate these quiet indicators - proof to me that the universe is lining up events that will guide me home.  i am so grateful.  we all receive these signs from the universe.  what are yours?  what are the messages repeated to you?  are you listening?  even though i'm listening i don't always decode the messages properly.

case in point.  a couple of weeks ago, a new friend, JM, who receives messages from spirit as a medium, told me that i am aligning myself with the right people to fulfill my destiny.  i got very emotional about it.  i so want to succeed in spiritual service.  i consider myself a normal person to whom people can relate.  i can introduce people, in a non-cheesy, non-preachy, non-creepy, non-culty, non-sequetor way, to some beautifully profound spiritual concepts.  i love providing friends and readers with spiritual crib notes and truly feel that this is why i was born.  i see how my experiences have led me to this place.

when JM mentioned rightly-aligning myself with people that will propel me forward, my mind jumped to a person whose interest in my TV project had energized me with the thought of grand-scale success.   my ego said, wow!  this is exciting!  this has got the be that person JM was talking about!  meanwhile my heart told me that i needed to stay grounded and disciplined, focused on my original intent, which is providing local opportunities for people to explore spirituality and being a tangible source with whom people to connect, discuss and ask questions.  today i realized that my heart was right all along - as it always is.  (what a know-it-all. ;-)  my initial ego-driven assessment was misguided.  on deeper thought, i realized that i've aligned myself with lots of people lately.  some of whom are friends, others acquaintances, still others who support my project technically (ie. local cable access).  these are people who support me and my mission and/or understand the potency of its potential.

the world has plenty of gurus.  i think that what we need now is to start building more intimate communities of tangible spiritual support - REAL SPIRITUAL SUPPORT - around the world.  why climb to the mountain top when all you need is right here at home?

tip o'neill once said, "all politics is local."  well, i'm going to expand that thought today by saying all spirituality is local, too.  a thousand gurus can jump up and down preaching about peace and love and mindfulness - but if there is not a local source of spirituality that speaks to YOU - to YOUR HEART - to YOUR BEING, if there is not dialogue in which YOU can participate, then how do YOU connect?  how do YOU discuss YOUR BIG IDEAS?  how do YOU make YOUR VOICE heard?      

i encourage readers to open up and share ideas and questions about god and self.  if not with me, with your own pods of friends and family.  we spend so much time yapping about stupid shit.  (me included!)  shit that doesn't make the world a better place.  shit that can compound negativity or leave us feeling depleted of energy or spirit.   meanwhile, these synchronicities are happening for all of us, every day.  and we are so busy talking shit that we barely recognize them when they happen.  so let's start paying attention together on the most local of scales - inside our hearts.

peace, love, gratitude,

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