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Sunday, September 2, 2012

a new contender in the race for the oval office?

who do you like?  barack or mitt?

my social views are very liberal, so i lean democrat.  but if a quality moderate republican comes along i'll swing my vote in the other direction.

my greatest concern has always been social policy.  don't take our rights away, that's all i ask.  live free or die, baby.  the issue closest to my heart is gay rights, which should be re-termed "human rights", because love is a basic human right.  who we love and how we display commitment has absolutely nothing to do with government, federal or state.  my quick story today is spun from this idea.

when we were kids, my sisters and i played house a lot.  one girl would be the mommy, one girl would be the baby and one girl would get stuck being the daddy.  you might as well tell that poor girl to go clean out the garage while the others play.  for a girl, being the daddy sucked.  so every time my daughters play house with their friends, they inevitably start squabbling, "not fair!  i want to be the mommy!"  and inevitably, my girls realize, "it's okay.  girls can marry each other.  let's both be mommies.  yay!"

it's such a simple act of imagination.  but it's also a beautiful act of acceptance.  kids today provide me with an extraordinary feeling of hope for our future and pride in this generation of parents who are rearing children to be open and accepting of others as they have been created.

with this in mind, i see clearly that the man in the oval office may wield power over current domestic  policy, but the future of this country lies in the hands of a new generation.  the tides are changing, people.  the emerging generation is aware.  they are awake.  they are innovative.  they are compassionate and sensitive.  they are already changing the world.  and i have nothing but faith and confidence in these children.

this morning while i was making chocolate chip pancakes, my son XG, my 3 year old son - 3 YEAR OLD SON, said out of the blue, "mamma, did you know giwls can mawwy giwls?"  my husband MG and i looked at each other then looked back at him.

"that's right, buddy," said MG, waiting patiently to see where the conversation would go.

after a minute i said, "you are very smart, little man."

"yup," he said.  "boys can mawwy boys, too.  and batman defeats spidewman."

well, that decides it.  XG gets my vote this november.

peace, love, gratitude,
vanessa gobes

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  1. I LOVE this - kids are acutely aware of everything around them and truly a product of their environment and their times. I love that the product of our current times/environment is that little girls know they can both play mommies in the game of house, and that "giwls can marry giwls, boys can marry boys, and batman defeats spidewman."

  2. right? politicians do not create domestic policy, parents do! xoxox

  3. Love it!!! It amazes me more that your 3 year old uttered those words - those words are so true when they come from young ones - Y? Well, bc they don't know anything but black and white and truth - it may lack tact but they know what they mean to say and their is definitely no in between!

    Definitely sounds like our boys may share a common strand of hope for the future :)

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  5. thanks, optim! peace! you can read more on my blog :-)