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Saturday, June 11, 2011

little voice

Went to dinner last night with the whole family.  My 6 year old PG was coloring and writing in her workbook Fun Eco Activities while we were waiting for our meals.  One page is titled Tell a Story and is followed by the prompt, "My ideal world is a place where..."  This is what she wrote:

My ideal world is a place where...  every thing is balints and a place to live and crechers geting ectstingct.  we can help the animles and Plants.  we have all the Power in the world with every thing we have.  every thing elts dos not.  we can be save yours to the world and Im a save your.  If we do not tacke car of the erth the erth will fiht back. 

A true product of a Montessori education, PG was inspired by her week at nature camp and the baby bunnies living under a hosta bush in our back yard.  I thought it was beautiful and asked her if I could share it on my blog.  She felts excited and very proud.  Her words come from her heart, which makes me feel excited and proud, too.

Our children want so desperately to live in a place where they are safe and the plants and animals that give them so much joy and comfort are safe.  The little ones today are absolutely passionate about the health of this planet.  It makes me want to work harder to improve the Earth's condition so I can leave it better than I found it.

Our children are pretty amazing teachers.

Peace, love, gratitude,

Baby bunnies in our yard.  They're about the size of a peony.  And they're reasons I decided not to treat the grass with chemicals this year... and won't ever again.  A worthy decision!  They're so cute!!! 
Took these photos through my family room window b/c I didn't want to scare the babies.  Seriously, could he be any cuter??? 

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