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Thursday, April 7, 2011

and... action!

okay, so i write a spiritual blog, not a political action blog so this will be the last entry about the organic food movement.  at least for now.  but i wanted to let you know how i used my SUPERPOWERS yesterday.

i called massachusetts governor deval patrick's office (617.725.1100) and spoke with his aid kevin, who is extremely bright, articulate and knowledgeable.  i told him about my concerns and asked if food is a topic that comes up often in the governor's office.  he said, "honestly, no."  but then he told me that they discuss topics that are popular amongst constituents.  one of the ways they find out what's on our minds is by tallying the number of phone calls they get each day on a particular topic.  he also said that it would be possible for a state to pass stricter laws on food standards, so long as they are at least equal to federal standards.  state trumps federal.

so i know there was at least one "food standards" phone call placed to the office yesterday.  that was mine. but what else can we do?  kevin said concerned citizens can connect with lobbyists and private organizations like the ACLU that are trying to get bills into legislation.  i went online and sifted through several pages of legislation and didn't find anything that specifically met my topic, but did find lots of names of state senators and lobbyists who are involved with food issues.  go to and click on "find a bill" to do this.

kevin also suggested i get a group of voters together to contact our state rep.  then i went to again and found my state senator pat jehlen.  i clicked on her email address and sent her off a 3 paragraph message expressing my concern and urging her to write legislation to force folks who sell food in massachusetts to adhere to the same standards as they do for european consumers.

the whole thing took about 15 minutes.  but now that i've done it once, i think i could knock it out in 5.

this is what i ask of you.  if you are a mass resident, call the governor's office every monday.  you can remember because it's "MEATLESS MONDAY".  leave a message that you demand higher standards for food.  after that send a quick email to your state rep or state senator.  (if you live in winchester, the contact is  it can be the same message every week.  just save it in your draft file and resend each monday.  if this is important to you, join me in this small action.  even if just 10 of us reach out every monday, our voices will be stronger and be heard.  i'll remind you on my facebook page.  if we're not friends already, friend me today:  vanessa gobes.  let me know if you're up for making these calls, just so i have some feedback.

if you dare, and if it's important enough to you, turn our voices up another decibel and ask friends and family to do this on meatless mondays with us.    

much love for you guys!  back to business as unusual tomorrow.


p.s.  massachusetts is very lucky to have deval patrick as governor, as he has the president's ear.  they are dear friends - obama even used patrick's campaign slogan during his first run for the white house.  (yes we can / together we can.)  this is a state of leadership and there is no question patrick wants to be that bright light that shows others the way.  let him know what's important to his people!  if we are silent, how will he know???


  1. love it V!! keep it going!

    Heres another ted talk by Ken Cook of Environmental Working Group along the same lines:

  2. thanks kate! you are a bright light for our future and this world is so lucky to have a passionate and brilliant person like you ready to lead it! go go go!!!! xoxoxoxox