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Thursday, April 28, 2011

getting acquainted... or reacquainted

just wanted to use a day's posting to acquaint new readers to this blog.   i try to post every day, monday through friday, though sometimes life gets in the way.  i also write each day for a virgin audience.  i hate it when i visit other blogs and feel like an outsider.  it reminds me of when i tried to start watching 24 midway through season 2.  i was like, "what's going on?  who's that lady?  is he good or bad?"  if i do piggy back an idea from another posting i will include a hyperlink to the relevant story.

down the sidebar to the right, you'll currently see lyrics to a zac brown band song that i looovvvveeee.  there's also a pic of me followed by my (un)professional back story.  i've listed several books that are perfect for those interested in learning more about metaphysics, past lives, numerology, chakras and such.  they are introductory books and i think they are all perfectly suited for getting to know new age from scratch.  there are also a few websites i like - some are interactive, which is always fun.

finally, i really like to hear from readers.  so if you want to share something, whether it's in line with my thinking or not, please go ahead.  don't be shy.  post anonymously if you like.  by listening to and understand different view points we can better explore and connect with our own spirituality.  i share these stories in hopes not to convert you, but to connect with you through laughter, passion, tears and curiosity. 

peace out, peeps!


  1. Your agnostic reader would like to hear your take on guardian angels. I'm thinking, based on reading your blog, maybe they are loved ones before they return to Earth.

  2. hello my agnostic friend! :-) based on what i've read we each have a couple of guardian angels from the moment of conception. they are light beings, so to speak. some guardian angels have been in human form before and some have not.

    these angels agree to watch over us throughout our lifetimes and help to guide us in the direction of our soul's plan. not a minute goes by that they are not with us. sometimes in the form a little voice, other times pulling strings in the universe to get us to where we're supposed to be. our angels love us infinitely. if we need their help all we need to do is ask.

    when loved ones die, they, too, remain with us. when you think about someone who as passed, even if the thought is fleeting, he is there with you. but i don't think loved ones who have passed replace your original guardians.

    one more thing - a friend of mine who miscarried in her early 40's decided not to try again. she already had 2 kids and felt satisfied with her family. she went to a psychic and the psychic told her that the baby boy she lost would forever be with her. if she decided down the road to have another child he would take form in that child's body. but if not, he'd just watch over her. isn't that lovely?

    thanks for engaging, jill! makes me so happy! do you have thoughts or theories on angels?