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Monday, April 4, 2011

punching and f---ing

there really are no original ideas left in the world.  i have now read a hippopotamusy (why isn't this word in websters?) load of books about spirituality.  some are super old and weird, yet beautiful.  others are modern and weird, yet beautiful.  a lot of times i can see myself in the writers.  i relate to their trials and experiences.  their stories are my stories, too.  they all peddle the same basic message:  love.  love is the theme that spans centuries and solar systems and self-help book authors. 

so here i sit in my kitchen, a random human with a mild talent for writing, blogging my perspective on love, life, god, energy and, occasionally, nonsense.  and nothing i say is new.  my story is embedded in a thousand different books written over the years.  not at all unique.  but i write anyway b/c while my story isn't unique, my audience is.  somehow, each of you reading this is connected to me and sharing my same desire to better understand the universe and all of its divine weirdness.  and for some reason, it's important that we are here on this journey, separately together.

i feel sort of like a trubador, singing ye olde tales to fresh faces, eager for a break from the monotony of building stone walls or spinning yarn or whatever people did a zillion years ago.  or maybe more appropriately, i'm like that crazy chick mia in showtime's californication.  the one who steals david duchovney's book and renames it "punching and fucking" then publishes it as her own.  b/c these words aren't mine.  i'm recycling them and jumbling them up in a different order and presenting them to you with love and hope that my run-on sentences will inspire you to love a little deeper.  what can i say?  it's all been done.  (oh wait.  bare naked ladies said that, too.  damn it!  see what i mean?)


"everything old" is quickly approaching the 6,000 reader mark in almost 30 countries.  i would love to hear your voice!  please join in the discussion whenever the mood strikes - your thoughts are so appreciated and no doubt much more interesting than mine!!!  :-)  xoxox

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