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Monday, April 25, 2011

what color are your panties?

lately i've been listening to a blog talk radio show called hariette knight's psychic and healing hour.  she's a psychic-medium and healer out of cali whose favorite topic seems to be chakra maintenance.  she's cute.  i like her. i read her book, too, chakra power!, and while it was more a really simple and basic introduction to chakras, i did pick up a fun tidbit that i wanted to share with you today.  (oh, and if you're just tuning in and need a quick crash course in chakras, click here to read my entry "chakra & awe".)

if you want to or amp up a particular chakra you can do so by adding that color to your wardrobe or home, be it jewelry, clothing or decor.  one of the examples she used was for the root chakra, which corresponds to the color red.  as we know, the root chakra, located at the base of the spine, grounds us to the earth.  this is the source from which we feel our power, security (financial and otherwise), safety, primal sexual drive, and is the foundation of all other chakras.  when the root chakra is balanced we have a fighting chance at realizing our full human potential.

jump starting your root chakra is very simple.  just wear red underwear.  i actually dragged all my kiddos to nordstrom on friday to buy some.  i've been wearing red undies for the past few days and i honestly feel an energy boost, specifically, a heightened confidence in my feminine power.  love it!  try it out! 



  1. Who knew! Mine are almost all black or white. Red is my favorite color but I'm not sure my undies are big enough to make an impact on the rest of me. I suppose there's only one way to find out ;)

  2. LOL! they're small, but positioned well. an idea worth investigating... the worst that'll happen is you'll end up spending too much money in the lingerie section! thanks for posting, gretchen! xoxox