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Saturday, April 2, 2011

what comes next?

if we evolve through pain, i think i stepped one more centimeter towards enlightenment yesterday.  mother nature must have been pretty pissed off at me after hearing my plea for spring b/c she sent down a typhoon of oak pollen that knocked me on my ass.  but now i am happily tripping on acid - er, i mean taking zyrtec-d, and my head feels less of a lead balloon and more like a helium one.

while i was bed-ridden yesterday, i put some serious thought into evolution...  how we do it, who gets the ball rolling?  which part of the body evolves next?  really.  evolution by definition is ongoing.  we have ideas of where we started - amiba followed by several strange scaled animals, then apes, then cave people and eventually lap-top-toting sophisticates with butt-toning sneakers and eyelash curlers.  so what's next for us former primates? 
lots of peeps think that the human brain is entering into the next stage of evolution right now, saying that children with certain types of autism and/or adhd are being misdiagnosed.  that in actuality, their brains are proof of modern evolution.  that parents, doctors and scientists need to stop medicating and start rethinking the way we communicate and teach.  it's an interesting idea.  considering the spikes in autism and adhd, regardless of the cause (pesticides, pollution, etc.), it's a viable argument and worth discussing.

researchers are calling these next-step kids "indigo children".  they don't think linearly and have greater learning capacity than typical kids b/c they have a direct connection with the omniscient collective unconscious.   some are actually able to leave their bodies and visit other places and planets during sleep or meditation.   it sounds totally weird.  but, as always,you gotta ask yourself - why not?

i mean, a few hundred years ago people thought planet earth was flat!  the world thought coperincus was insane when he suggested the heliocentric theory.  from then until now, think about all of the stupid things the greater majority believed with such fervor that they tried and/or killed people for thinking any differently - from religion to slavery to science.  things that nowadays are so obvious and plain that we don't think twice about them.

do we really think we've discovered it all?  what do we really know after all?  what are your thoughts?  have you done any reading on this?  do you think it's possible?  probable?


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