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Monday, May 2, 2011

ding dong bin laden's dead

fell asleep early last night so i missed the hullabaloo following obama's announcement last night.  woke up strangely early this morning - since the kids were (and are) still asleep i decided to watch today for the first time in several years.  an interesting time to tune back in...

i'm having mixed feelings about bin laden's death.  i'm proud of america, of the navy seals who accomplished their mission.  happy for president obama.  happy for the 9.11 victims' families who have found closure his assassination.  my emotions stumble around the act of killing, though.  i just don't think murder - any murder - is something to celebrate.  don't get me wrong - i'm relieved that bin laden is no longer a threat.  he was a nasty mother effer.   i just don't believe in murder, period.  so the idea of cheering for murder makes me feel a little barbaric, regardless of how evil the victim was.  and i'm all too aware that when you cut off one devil's head, eight will grow back. **

i think that while this nation celebrates the demise of bin laden, we should also pray that his youngest children, who must have been terrified when the seals attacked, find peace in the world.  pray that the people of pakistan can live safely amongst the terrorists who still hide there.  and pray that the men of al qaeda put down their swords and find peace in their hearts.  closest to our hearts, we pray for the families of the victims of 9.11.


**case in point.  no wonder the wicked witch hated munchkins.  they threw a goddamn parade when her sister was killed.  i wonder how the story would've changed if they showed a little compassion?  or if they considered that her truth might be different than the one they saw playing out?  this is why i love the book and play wicked


  1. I love the wicked witch picture.....I made a wicked witch- Osama comparison this morning and everyone looked at me like I was crazy!

  2. crazy must run in the family. ;-) xoxoxox

  3. I couldn't agree with you more!! Tried to express this to Eric but didn't do a great job... Bin Laden was a bad dude, but to celebrate killing someone... Just doesn't seem right to me!

    Would love to see you guys soon!
    Anna Hallen