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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

in the pink

There's a kids' book called Priscilla and the Pink Planet.  In it, the Great Queen of Pink eliminates every color from the planet except for her favorite - pink.  A little girl named Priscilla sets off to find another color somewhere on her Pink Planet and is in awe when she finds a multi-colored butterfly.

The Queen snares the butterfly in her net with intention to lock it away underground.  Priscilla begs the Queen to release the creature and this is her argument:  "If all colors were out for the whole world to see, pink would look even pinker.  Don't you agree?"  Well, as it happens, this is the Universe's thinking, too.

Here's the new age theory on life's purpose and why bad things happen to good people...

Picture all of our spirity selves hanging out in heaven surrounded by God's amazing love.  We're up there high five-ing each other for being so awesomely loving.  But since all we know is love, we're not sure we fully understand it.  Only by intimately knowing hatred, jealousy, deception and horror and we confidently define and celebrate the meaning of love. 

So, in honor of our Creative Source (or whatever you want to call it - God, Allah, Yahweh, etc.), our souls set up shop in these earthly bods in hopes of discovering love through its polar opposite.  It's only in the physical that we can feel pain, and through pain our souls evolve.  (After three natural childbirths, I'm thinking I'm well on my way.)

Our soul and spirit guides devise challenging scenarios for our physical selves in order to guarantee a meaningful human experience.  Maybe it's a drug addiction or financial struggles, the tragic death of a loved one or a terrible accident.  Everything is written.  And this is why people say, "God doesn't put anything on our shoulders that we can't handle."  Because God lives in us and works with us to create our destiny.

Maybe you join me in believing this theory or maybe you think it's all horseshit.  Regardless, when I'm feeling rotten about the confusing or difficult things that have happened to me over the course of my lifetime, it gives comfort.  Those crappy times have meaning and value.  For every struggle encountered and overcome, I've learned more about love and I've stepped closer to heaven.

It's hard work, living out life's challenges.  But when we do we are fulfilling our divine purpose...  and undoubtedly, we'll end up in the pink.  When all sorts of energy is out for the wide world to see, love is feels even lovelier.

Peace, love, gratitude,

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