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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

i'm not a heathen. but i play one on TV.

welcome to this american life.  we live in a country where we can be anything, go anywhere, say whatever - freely.  free speech!  free press!  ain't it fab?  my issue with this is:  freedom without responsibility is misrepresentation. 

i'm so pissed at local and national news stations.  they took pictures of a few thousand people dancing on bin laden's grave, broadcast them around the world and now americans are labeled barbarians (as if people need more reasons to hate us).  but, hey, sex sells, yadda yadda yadda.

on facebook and other comment-based web journals, i read more posts from americans urging peace over rage.  most commentary that i read highlighted feelings of conflict about bin laden's assassination and voiced that spontaneous public celebration was inappropriate. 

this is the american truth.  so suck it, reporters.  where is the truth in your reporting?  you are focusing on a small, salacious sampling of the american spirit.  i wish that folks with a loud public voice could spend more air time spreading peace and healing.

to readers around the world...  this is not the sentiment of this country.  one picture could never define the diversity of beliefs and opinions felt by this beautiful nation. 


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