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Friday, May 13, 2011

entanglement to enlightenment

The first idea that drew me into this spiritual quest was past life regression.  I needed answers.  I needed faith.  I found the concept intriguing, provocative and satisfying.  I liken it to the keyhole through which I could peek and see the universe beyond.  And as I've dug deeper into the new age movement, energy has become increasingly interesting to me and I wonder now how it came to be that our culture became so apathetic about the extraordinary power of energy. 

In mainstream western society, our metaphysical energy source has been generally poo-pooed.  Back in the early 17th century, Rene Descartes backed up the ancient philosophical ramblings of Plato and Aristotle by asserting that the physical body and the spiritual soul are two separate entities, arguing that you can cut off a person's leg but the soul remains intact.  This theory is called Cartesian Dualism and it has been widely accepted and unconsciously practiced by westerners and Christians for a few hundred years (and more).  The philosophy defines each physical being as separate from one another - be it humans, plants, animals or your Lazy-Boy recliner.

Eastern philosophy is much different.  Hindus, Buddhists and Sufis say that everything is connected.  We are one with the cosmos.  The same molecular stuff that makes an asteroid also makes you and me - it makes up that old Lazy-Boy, too.  And that on the road to enlightenment one must transcend the idea of dualism.  Everyone and everything has energy.  There is no separation between heaven and earth, between you and a tree, between the body and the soul, or between the soul and its Creative Source.  We coexist with the intention of perfect balance.

This concept lends itself to a powerful thought - if your soul and body are one and the same, and your soul is a perfect chip off the old universe, and the universe holds infinite power...  Doesn't that mean that within your body you possess infinite power?  Knowing this is true, what can you do with that power?

Set a clear intention and You can do anything...


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