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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

brave new world

[tap-tap on the mike.]  hello?  is anyone out there?  as i'm typing my first blog entry i feel a little like christian slater in the high school movie classic pump up the volume...  letting his naughty thoughts fly into the world via pirated radio station, not knowing if anyone is listening.  i've never blogged before.  not really sure how this works or even how to post a picture.  (really annoying.)  i figure all this will come in time so please be patient with me. 

so i want to tell you who i am and why i decided to blog.  first, a quick bullet list:

  • vanessa linsey gobes of winchester, mass
  • 35 year old female
  • scorpio
  • married mom of 4... 3 from scratch.
  • dog owner
  • freelance writer and hopscotch career woman
  • jane of all trades
  • lover of all things colorful and beautiful
  • spiritual junkie
  • social animal
so that's me in a nutshell.  now the "so what?". 

i'm blogging in effort to share my spiritual journey (WAIT!  DON'T TURN THE DIAL!), though i won't limit myself to blabbing only about the universe and past life regressions.  i could write about godly stuff for a week then pop in a random bit about my dog pooping on the dining room table (oh yes, that happened to me this summer as my facebook friends are well aware.  i'm sure there was a spiritual lesson hidden in there somewhere but i'll be damned to find it.)  anyway.  consider these posts as spiritual crib notes (thank you TG for that idea). 

WARNING:  i will swear.  shit, fuck, asshole.  there.  it's out of the way.  i will offend.  i will over-share.  i will make mistakes.  i will embarrass myself and very likely my family.  but i promise that along the way i will encourage you to remember that you are here to love, laugh, connect, screw up and accept it. your support and your reactions are so appreciated and valued.  please don't be shy about posting a comment.  i hope this will be an uplifting and mind-opening conversation for all to share. 

these messages are delivered with love and gratitude for you (YES YOU!) and for this amazing journey earthly journey we're on.  come back and visit me tomorrow afternoon and we'll get this party started...



  1. Love it.
    I am in need of learning more from someone like you who is more "up" on the subject since I am a novice. I am not a religious person, but I am a spritual one and "Crib Notes" is exactly what I need to better guide me on my spritual journey while I plod thru my hectic life of raising kids (which I absolutely love, but leaves little time for quiet comtemplation, actually none right now cause I don't make time for it).
    I think this will be helpful for sure for a type A like me who never likes to stop moving to think. Thank you for sharing!!!!!

  2. I can't wait until tomorrow....
    Looking forward to reading/learning/experiencing it all.

  3. Love this Vanessa, you're amazing!

  4. Love it! Can't wait until tomorrow! :-)

  5. Thank you for my best laugh today and can't wait for the rest of this journey.... (Please keep oversharing...)

  6. Vanessa I love how you express yourself in such an authentic,fresh, energetic way. I am a practicing Catholic, love my faith and draw from many others as well. In my opinion, anything that brings people closer to their spiritual light/soul is all good! I look forward to your crib notes:)

  7. Fantastic start! Blogging is so much fun. Keep up the great work.


  8. I love it! You are such an inspiration to do more, say more, laugh more and love more. Way to go Vanessa!

  9. Fabulous! Can't wait to see more. I especially like the swearing piece.

  10. I can't wait to read more! :)

  11. You go girl! Can't wait to see future updates!! - Becky

  12. This is all you, Vanessa! Love your honesty, no veils or ulterior motives! Oh, by the way, poop brings prosperity according to Chinese proverbs..human a bit more prosperous than animal though...

  13. lol! linda, you crack me up! xavier poops about 5 times a day so all of these diaper changes must be leading me to a big load of prosperity! thanks everyone for the amazing support! i am sooooo incredibly blessed to have each of you in my life! tune in tomorrow and let's start the discussion!

  14. Hi Vanessa, Great Idea looking forward to reading your blog. I can top your dog pooping on the table,when my in-laws came to stay and brought their dog the little monster pooped right on pillow just like he was leaving me a bed time chocolate, hard to believe but true.

  15. lol! pillow trumps table. much harder to get poop off of fabric. ew. bad dog.

  16. Awesome start Vanessa...
    Looking forward to the blog

  17. this is great, vanessa! congratulations on getting it started. can't wait to hear more - one of my favorite topics! xo jess

  18. Love it and I too am the spiritual junkie! ~Pam

  19. Love this and Love YOU! Looking forward to more!!
    Auntie Patty

  20. i love you, too, auntie patty! i don't know why but i cried when i saw your post! xxxxxxxxxxooooooooooooo