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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

calling number 1121! you're up next!

The Universe is infinite.  Relatively, the amount of time we spend on Earth is equivalent to a tiny speck of dust.  

If, after we die, our souls live on for eternity, what are we doing for the rest of the time?  Sitting on a cloud, staring into space?  Taking long naps?  Learning to knit?  Playing board games with other spirity peeps?  DAMN, THAT’S A LOT OF TIME. 

For that matter, what were we doing before we were born?  Standing in a heavenly deli line waiting for our Earthly number to be called?  It all sounds ho-hum to me.  I imagine God to be much more efficient and creative with his use of souls.        

If we can come down to Earth and go back up to heaven one time, why can’t we do it a hundred times?  Just sayin’.  ;-)


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