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Monday, January 31, 2011

thank you, spirity v!

Fell asleep last night feeling loads of gratitude for the many lives my soul has inspired and guided over the centuries.  I share a deep connection with those people, though on this plane we might never realize it.  They endured horrible conditions, starvation, persecution, disabilities, poverty, hopelessness, insurmountable fear, floods, wars and disasters.  And here I am (we are, my, ahem, personalities and me) today, sipping tea in a cozy kitchen, nestled in this sweet little quintessential New England town, waiting for my 3 healthy kids to wake up for school where they can learn about anything they want.

Oh, sure.  I still have problems, shortcomings, insecurities, bad habits.  But I feel very fortunate to be in the here and now.  I also feel I (we) deserve it - my soul has rewarded me (us) with this lifetime because I (we) have suffered through so many others.  I think my higher self is saying, "We done good.  Let's take a breather.  Vanessa, go enjoy this lifetime and spread some love.  Show compassion for others in pain b/c you (we) were there once, too.  Oh, and here are a few gifts to help you (us) along the way.  Try not to lose focus."  So here's a thank you note to my soul and my former selves.  This sounds, weird and a borderline cheesy, I know.  But sometimes you just have to give into the cheese and acknowledge the part of yourself that's bigger than you are.

Someone should make a movie about this.  Oh wait.  They already did.  It's called Cybil.  Haha!  We're cracking ourselves up!  ;-)


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