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Thursday, January 20, 2011

time's up?

I used to think about time and space and get really overwhelmed.  Downright frustrated.  It’s gotta begin and end somewhere, right?  Infinity is just too much to bear.  We measure everything – ingredients, square footage, waistlines, success.  Hell, men measure their penises.  Why can’t we measure the Universe?  

Here on Earth, we live in the 3rd dimension.  Most of us are limited to 3 dimensional experiences.  I can’t time travel.  I’m not psychic.  I’m a little crazy at times but for the most part very ordinary.  So I am one of those everyday people limited to Earthly confines.  After years of battling those confines, here’s the self-imposed command that finally inspired peace between infinity and me:

Stop thinking about life linearly.  In the Universe everything is in perfect divine order, but time and space mean crap.  God and his spirit-y peeps can pop in and out of various places / times with a whisper of thought.  The future is happening now.  So is the past.  Weird.  I know it’s impossible to fathom.  Try to just let it be.  Stop searching for the checkered flags because, as much as we want them to exist, they don't.   God dealt us the time card and we poor saps are stuck pondering it.  Just be on time for dinner.  

There, doesn't that feel better? 



  1. These posting already make me feel at peace with my surroundings. I do get overwhelmed in life...with life...and with your posting yesterday and today it opens my door to others...I'm one of those people that thinks people (not friends or family) are out to get me or my kids...I kind of get thanks for what you've brought to me so far! Can't wait to read the next... Steph

  2. yay! now you are opening doors to deeper conversations... so much gratitude! feelin' the love, girl! and love trumps fear (which i imagine is dumped in the same category as mild paranoia ;-). xoxoxox

  3. Yeah-really simple:
    love is the answer, so what’s your problem?

    Perhaps the dimensionality of time is all around us.
    And it is up to ourselves to observe and perceive it-if we choose to.
    Sometimes, it is just being open to the possibilities.
    We can only travel as far as our individual brains will allow us.
    If we can’t imagine or think it, then we can’t contemplate or experience it.
    Sometimes, it just happens to you-it hits you in the face.
    You weren’t thinking about it, you were just going about life.
    Then there it is…a face that you know so well but that person
    is no longer around. You watch this clone and wonder if this could possibly be the same person… living a life simultaneously with other people, not knowing you.
    You follow like a detective, not too close-but near enough to keep this person in your sight. You then hear somebody that he is with, call his name. It is the same name-the nickname he went by with people from work. It’s weird! Your heart beats a little faster and you wonder if this is possible. And then, you just let it be.
    The person goes on their merry way, and you are left with new thoughts
    to wonder about that had never entered your head before but had always
    been there waiting to be acknowledged!

    And I am always on time for dinner, especially when I am not cooking!

    I am not sure I even properly addressed your blog topic or just changed it into my own.
    “From Here to Infinity and perhaps beyond”

  4. i must admit, i had to chew on this one for a little while. but i think i've got it. ;-) i wonder if what you experienced was a temporary absence of your ego? that constant driving force that identifies you as a solitary you and not as a connected being of the universe? hmmmm...

    i love moments like this, ones that suck you out of reality and into another state that is really hard to define. thank you so much for sharing!

    much love, anon! xoxoxv