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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

"national no name-calling day" in america

When I first heard about "National No Name-Calling Day" this morning on my car radio I thought it sounded a bit cheesy, but then I thought better.  A day where children practice being kind to each other and participate consciously in a lesson about compassion... THIS IS FAB!

Every time you practice kindness and give loving energy, you are functioning on a higher frequency.  This higher frequency is like having a super power, giving you the ability to alter your environment on a cellular level.  Moods lighten, sickness subsides, plants grow, cats purr, fortuitous "coincidences" happen.  Your loving energy creates perfect harmony with the planet and the planet responds accordingly.  This is very true and has been proven scientifically.

So when the nation comes together on one special day to practice kindness and compassion, the result is an intense uplifting of energy on an enormous scale.  But this energy doesn't stop at the US borders.  It is a wave that moves and tumbles over others without limits.  We feel it, our friends feel it, the trees feel it, the Earth feels it.

I hope the positivity and acceptance exuded by America's children today washes over the whole world.  To my readers across the pond and down under - let us Yankees know if you feel it!  :-)

Find a way to share the love today!


  1. Hey, love the picture. That's the best one ever. This southerner feels and gives the kindness!

  2. It is always nice to read your blog, it makes me smile ;)

  3. Yahoo! Love it! I have chills! :-)