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Friday, January 21, 2011

finder's keepers

What you learn is yours forever.  

When we come into this life, we do not really start from scratch.  Let’s say you’ve wanted to practice medicine since you were a little kid.  Today you are a cardiologist, with a successful career focused on heart disease.  You are insightful, learned and well-respected by peers.  Would you be surprised to hear that it is likely you have been a doctor in previous lifetimes?  And likely a heart specialist?  The knowledge you acquired in previous lifetimes as a doctor has imprinted your soul.  This is passed on to you via your higher self.  Think of it like a booster, allowing you to excel in the modern day.  If you listen closely, the knowledge continues to help you in the form of intuition (your little voice).  Cool, huh?  

My numerologist/psychic/friend Jude DeCoff (hi Jude) told me that my talent for writing is a gift from a previous lifetime.  I’m so grateful for my scribbles.  I express my thoughts clearly and confidently on paper.  I can’t help but wonder who my benefactor was.  I’ve read Tale of Two Cities ten times.  Maybe Charles Dickens?  I know for sure it wasn’t Geoffrey Chaucer b/c to me reading his work is like eating Captain Crunch.  Painful.   Most likely I was an obscure writer from Smalltown, USA, but it’s fun to make shit up.  

[Side note:  Jude also told me that I drowned in the Titanic in one life and was persecuted and lynched in another.  I find this sickly humorous b/c I have a ridiculous fear of drowning in my car with the kids trapped in their seat belts; and I freak out when anyone gets close to my neck…  to the point I slept with blankets wrapped around my neck until I got married at age 27.  Not all gifts are accepted with the same level of enthusiasm.] 

Where were we?  Yes.  Knowledge.  Knowledge can also be a gift from other souls.  There’s a documentary called “The Music in Me” on HBO that follows several children who are musical prodigies.  Highlighted in it is a 7 year old from the deep-south named Guyland Ledet who plays the accordion like no one you’ve ever seen.  The dude is in first grade and he rocks out like someone possessed.  His great-grandfather (whom Guyland had never met) was a world famous accordion player and passed years ago.  Little Guyland said his grandpa came to him in a dream, took him outside and gave him his accordion.  Then he just started playing.  As simple as that.  Heaven sent.  How else do you explain the unexplainable?  You can watch Guyland's story below.  I play it for my kids and they love it.

I’ll leave you with a quote from one of my heroines, Maria Montessori:  “The things he sees are not just remembered; they form a part of his soul.”



  1. You are an excellent writer! Will there be a book someday??

  2. haha! love it! not sure i have the patience or the creativity for a book! perhaps a short yet compelling leaflet? xoxoxoxoxox

  3. I second the book idea! You are a great writer...but most importantly you are helping people with your writing instead of just entertaining..although the way you write is entertaining in some aspects...anyhooooooo I totally look forward to waking up and learning something each morning now!...I love the thought of knowledge being passed on through your soul...I totally ALWAYS have feelings or my inner voice that overrides who I am...or what decisions I am making...the thought of building on your soul only makes me want to learn learn learn and do do do...that way my next "being" will be well equiped...he he...THANKS AGAIN for this ! LOVE IT! Steph

  4. Uncle Marty would love the fact that you were on the Titanic in another life, haha. Really crazy/interesting, can Jude tell me who I was?

  5. haha! maybe uncle marty was there with me! yes, jude can tell you who you were - for a small fee. ;-) he's a real talent! get in touch - an that goes for other readers, too! he'd love to hear from you!

    and steph, i love hearing your thoughts! your support is incredibly important to me and deeply appreciated! keep listening to your intuition! xoxoxoxoxoxxoxoxoxox

  6. Love your piece today. So often my son will do something that is supposed to be new and I get this intuition that he's done it before....Kiersten

  7. I think I might have been a laundress and short order cook in a past life! I've enjoyed reading and look forward to more. :)

  8. I finally got to read your blog Vanessa. Great Work!! I e-mailed my friends the link to your blog, I'm sure they'll love it.
    Looking forward for more.
    XOXOXOXOX Dolores

  9. Hi Vanessa, It's Jude! Love the Blogs so far! I want to start one as well. With a section that I could answer peoples questions psychically one a week, how do you start? Email me and let me know!