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Monday, February 28, 2011

chakra & awe

here is just a short, basic lesson on chakras, the study of which began in hindu culture.  our bodies are made up of energy.  we know this is true.  chakras are like a map of that energy.  each chakra is a whorl of energy within the body that receives and emits energy from and to the universe.  there are seven accepted chakras, though likely more.  a great book to read to learn more is chakras for beginners by david pond.

here's what each chakra does:

the first is the ROOT CHAKRA located behind the pubic bone.  through this chakra you stay connected to the earth.  its function is basic survival.  colors associated with root are red, brown and black.

the second is the SACRAL CHAKRA located about an inch below your belly button.  this is the pleasure-seeking chakra.  the energy stored here balances feelings of completeness and fullness in the moment.  think desire.  sex and chocolate.  color is orange/amber.

the third is the SOLAR PLEXUS located just below the breast bone between your lungs.  solar plexus functions as the root of your drive for power.  ambition, baby.  yellow/amber shades help you focus on this chakra.

the fourth and fifth are my favorites.  HEART CHAKRA is four, located a few inches above the solar plexus right in the middle of the chest.  a paradigm shift happens between these two chakras.  this is the swirling bit of energy that allows you to transition from the separateness of being an individual to the unity of being an inhabitant of earth.  through this chakra you feel compassion and love.  when the heart is balanced anything is possible - think law of attraction.  color is green but for meditation rose quartz is great, too.

the fifth chakra is THROAT.  it's located midway between your noggin and your lower neck.  as you might imagine, this chakra functions as your creative expression.  the color associated with this chakra is blue.

the THIRD EYE is the sixth chakra.  when i get acupuncture i love to get stuck in my third eye.  it's in the middle of your brain just above the eyebrows.  this is where your little voice lives.  in a psychic, this chakra is crazy active.  color is indigo.

the seventh is CROWN CHAKRA.  it's above your head.  whereas through the heart you connect with others, through the crown you connect with god.  when you see people meditating with clear quartz over their heads, they are focusing on their connection with the universe.

so this is the deal.  each of these chakras is responsible for the happiness and well being of particular organs and body parts.  balancing your chakras leads you to happiness, providing you with more physical comfort.  if you're experiencing migraines or undiagnosable health problems, you may want to learn more.  google it.  there's limitless info.

finding balance in your lower chakras provides more opportunity for growth, innovation and happiness in the upper ones.  without lower chakra balance you can have flashes of insight from the uppers but will not be able to sustain that level of consciousness until the lower chakras are in balance.  the lowers are chakras 1-3.

pond says, "the outer imbalance [of your world] is a reflection of the inner imbalance...  the inner imbalance is not caused by situations in the world, the inner imbalance creates situations in the outer world.  this is the energetic view of life - change the inner experience of energy and the outer will follow."

i personally can feel when i'm out of balance.  for me chakras 4-6 are almost always on fire but 1-2 are usually off kilter.  i need to do things like, make time to BE in nature and focus more on self discipline.  as they say, transition in progress.  constant adjustments are required to maintain equilibrium.  

the point is, take time for yourself.  find a few minutes every day to turn off the electronics, shut your eyes and empty your head.  force yourself to do it.  it's important!  YOU are important!  during these moments of clarity and peace you WILL connect with yourself and figure out what needs balancing. 


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