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Thursday, March 31, 2011

ready for a change of season

i'm in a slump.  i've been here for a good week.  hormones, boredom, stress... all guilty.  but the biggest culprit, i think, is winter.  jack frost has worn out his welcome and i'm trying to emotionally brace myself for the foot of snow that's coming to new england tomorrow.  because unlike mother nature, i am ready for spring.  and i know i'm not alone.  we're all rolling our eyes, wishing we could drop our snowblowers from the roof of the pru and drag our lawn furniture back out for the season.

even while we curse the great goddess of weather in the sky, we know that she's the boss.  she wears the pants.  and we just have to "thank-you-mam-may-i-have-another" her until she puts the paddle back in the closet.

i guess even though winter can super-suck at times, forcing us into seasonal depression and really unflattering outerwear, we new englanders are insanely lucky to witness mother nature in all her glory.  she's such a show-off, really.  every season has its spectacle of beauty.  the sweet smells of spring, the glorious flowers of summer, the radiant leaves in autumn and the glistening white snow in winter.  really spectacular.  that said, i'm going to ask mommy dearest a favor on behalf of all of us (eyes squeezed shut, hands clasped in desperately grateful prayer)... 

dearest mother nature, you are so talented and graceful and merciful.  nor'easters are such fun, especially in april, but you don't have to send us one tomorrow if you really don't want to.  we all know your power and bow down to your greatness.  seriously, no proof necessary.  may i make a suggestion, oh natural one?  might you save your energy for next year?  maybe send down a nice blizzard in december or january?  we are so excited now to enjoy your singing birds and yellow daffodils and warm breezes.  you do sunshine so well.  and have i mentioned how gorgeous your magnolia trees are?  if you're not falling for this flattery, how about you let all that snow fall on the ski slopes but leave my painfully long and hard to shovel driveway alone?  thanks for your consideration.  you servant, no, slave for eternity, vanessa

cross your fingers and hope this works!  ;-)


p.s.  if mother nature doesn't listen to my prayers, i might start a smear campaign.  found this online.  do you think it's too negative?  ;-)

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