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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

steven "don't call me steve" tyler

So I guess the secret's out - I love TV.  There is one show in particular that makes me very happy and I'm counting the minutes until it comes on tonight.  AMERICAN IDOL!  I've always loved it.  But this season is the best! 

Don't get me wrong, for the past 10 years, I have loved Simon Cowell.  His big square head and tight white nipple shirts could distract me from neither the twinkle in his eye nor his adorable British accent.  I loved his snarky quips and villainous confidence.  But on Idol, as in life, we need to intimately know evil so we can better understand and appreciate good.  And this season, our hero swaggered in with guns blazing!   

Do we love Steven Tyler, or what?  He's crazy, he's hilarious, he's naughty... he brings fantabulous energy to every show.  He thrills me on Tuesday nights!  When that D.O.M. pours over a teenage girl who walks in with a mini-skirt and high heels, I gag a little bit, but I still I wish I was her!  Mr. Tyler, you old as shit but you are TOTALLY SEXY!!!  

It's not just those gigantic rubber band lips I find so appealing, more effectually, it's his compassionate heart.  He innately knows when to soften up on a contestant.  He senses when the shock of a negative critique will be too painful for a wannabe to bear.  And last week when he hugged that girl in the wheelchair and practically cried into her arms, I was right there with him...  feeling his compassion and love!   

So goodbye Simon Scowell.  I loved you while I had you but, boy, am I glad you've been replaced!  No more mean and nasty energy for the gazillions tuning in each week.  Steven Tyler has single handedly turned up the happy meter on Idol and helped its audience to function on a higher level!  This is what a great family show should be!

Dude.  Seriously.  I'm downloading "Love in an Elevator" right now!

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