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Friday, March 4, 2011

compare and beware

I read in a book recently that a man defines rich as having a hundred dollars more than his wife's sister's husband.

It's all relative, right?  We settle ourselves into a superficial version of security by comparing what we have or who we are to the people around us.  I am healthier than her so I'm OK.  I'm handsomer than him so I'm OK.  Our kids are smarter than theirs so we're OK.  Then other thoughts start to creep in...  He makes more money so something's wrong with me.  She is a better cook so I'm a failure in the kitchen.  He's a better athlete and I'll never measure up. 

See where I'm going with this?

We are who we are.  And we ARE for a reason.  If everyone had equal strengths we would not be able to grow and evolve.  We all have special gifts.  And we all have shortcomings.  And your wife's sister's husband's money has absolutely ZERO to do with YOU.

Trying to be better or stronger or richer than your neighbor will not help you evolve as a human being or as a spiritual being.  Try to focus on what makes you special and work at your own pace to achieve the qualities that make you happy.  Life is not a competition.  Life is a growth experience.  Rather than define happiness by how well your friends are doing, blaze your own path and define your own happiness.  Because this life is really all about YOU.

Your friends and neighbors will achieve extraordinary things.  When they do, realize that these are their personal victories, not your defeat.  Support them.  Pat them on the back.  Tell them they are smart and pretty and athletic and wonderful.  Build them up.  And when it's your turn to kick ass they will do the same for you.  The more love you give, the more love you get back and love lifts the vibrational energy on Earth.  Ain't it beautiful?



  1. I love to reflex on the thought which is when you pass away, you will not be remembered for what you have rather who you are. Julie T

  2. "only love is real!"

    funny follow up... just read a great interview with deepak chopra in 11:11 magazine. he was asked, "what do you want to be remembered for?" chopra anwered, "i don't think i need to be remembered."

    ;-) xoxox

  3. This reminds me of one of my favorite quotes, "Never mind what others do; do better than yourself, beat your own record
    from day-to-day, and you are a success." - William J. H. Boetcker

    - Angel

  4. this is beautiful, angel! thank you for sharing!!!