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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

writer's un-block

a lot of people say to me, "how do you come up with something to write about everyday?"  some days it's really easy.  my fingers flutter over the keyboard, anxious, excited and eager to translate thoughts into words.  other days the process is tedious and difficult.  i start out writing about one thing and by the end of the blog i'm onto another thing, entirely different.  on these unfocused days i let my train of thought slowly lumber down the track until i pull into a random station.  and admittedly, to me the blog post feels forced, deliberate or overworked.  you, as a reader, may notice that, too.

i haven't yet made time for meditation this week and notice that my thoughts are really scattered and incomplete.  what i consistently find, though, is that after i meditate i write more interesting blogs with more powerful messages. 

this applies to you and your daily tasks, too.  when you feel blocked or in a rut, look within.  universal knowledge is available to you at all times.  you just have to access it.  easier said than done, i know.  but when you need help the universe is there, waiting patiently for you to reach out.  

there is an infinity of inspiring ideas to create, discuss and share.  these ideas will change our lives and better the world.  we just have to open ourselves up and receive the them.  and be quiet enough to listen when the universe speaks. 


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