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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

a little help?

spreading the word for a dear friend of mine, jessica meikle davis. she sent me this email a few days ago and i wanted to pass the word.

"Hi friends. I am writing you as a cry for help for a VERY dear friend of mine and sister by choice, Danielle Lenihan Kunkel... Danielle is battling a very aggressive Stage Four Metastatic Lymphoma B Cell Type E Cancer. This is a non curable cancer, but Danielle continues to fight each and every day with every cell of her being.

Danielle is currently in Germany for treatment and things are not going well. She continues to fight and she continues to give to everyone else she knows with a vitality that she doesn't have the energy for...

We cannot take away Danielle's cancer, but we can help ease some of her $1M+ financial burden. For those who know Danielle, we stand in awe of the way she has cared for others despite her own incredible journey."

here's the website where you can donate if danielle's story resonates with you:  like i said, jessica is a dear friend of mine so i am confident these donations are safe.  i do not know danielle personally, but i donated b/c i just can't imagine experiencing excruciating pain like that and dealing the stress of owing over a million dollars in medical bills.  but i know my little bit, every little bit, helps.


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  1. This story was a lie