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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

spring cleaning

a few weeks ago when i was in stowe with friends, we stopped for lunch at Green Goddess Cafe.  cute little place with great food and a very sweet owner named sheri.  i noticed she displayed a new age sticker on her cafe door so we got into a conversation about chakras.  she gave me a quick lesson in chakra cleansing.  you can do this if you're feeling emotionally weighted down or if you note that you are feeling sluggish in a particular area of your life.

(if you forget what chakras are click here.)

chakras spin clockwise.  (does this change south of the equator, like water down a drain?  if you know the answer please post.)  when you are in the shower, shut your eyes and focus on the first chakra and physically spin it counter-clockwise.  of course you can't actually touch it, but cup your hand in front of the area of the body where the chakra is located and "spin" it.  that easy.  all clean.  then spin them back clockwise again.

at an acupuncture appointment, linda taught me that you can also spin your chakras faster in the clockwise direction, giving your energy a boost.  she also treated my chakras with a colored light wand.  very cool.

here's a link to Chakra Balancing on ehow where a guy shows you how he cleans his chakras.    it's all a little weird, i know, but good information just the same.  you can go to you tube, too, and see how other people do it.


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