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Thursday, March 3, 2011

meant to be

This is a question posed by a reader back in January:  

So one of my many questions for you is, is the concept that every moment, encounter, etc. in ones life is preplanned? I would love to hear more about what you think about this concept. Not sure where I stand on the subject but I do find it very interesting.

This was how I responded:  

you've gotta read this book - your soul's plan. here's an example... imagine sitting down in front of a giant checkerboard. if you make this move then that happens. if you choose a different move, the other thing happens. each move, leads to a string of other moves. in this way "everything is written".  the choices are infinite, but the so is the Universe so it's okay.      

while life is played out, the moves you make are called free will. YOU, your personality, decide each step. and your soul family shifts around to accommodate you.     

this is reminding me of a great book by brian weiss called "only love is real". it's about two people who have traveled through several lifetimes together but are strangers in this one. both end up in therapy with dr. weiss in miami. during respective private regressions, he realizes that they are recalling similar stories. they are soul mates! dr. weiss wants them to meet but he can't introduce them for ethical reasons. they never meet in his office. if i remember correctly, the guys lives in miami and the girl ends up moving to boston. one day, they are both traveling and get stuck in logan airport. they are attracted to each other and start chatting. they soon figure out their commonalities. they are married now with a little girl.   

the point is, they were "supposed to" meet. she made a free will decision to move away but the Universe brought them back together. 

This is a clear example of why we should use patience while living our lives.  The Universe will allow things to happen when the moment is right.  Time is an illusion (bear with me).  Time isn't really the ticking clock, it's just a series of probable events laid out by YOU before you were born.  The Universe is there to make sure everything happens when it's supposed to.


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