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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

modern hippie

yah, man.  peace.

There's no doubt we are embarking upon a full-blown second coming of the hippie movement.  Question is, will this one stick?  My spidey senses say yes...  

I think the first hippie movement faded out because too many of those involved were too drugged out to be believable to mainstream society.  The hippies of the 1960s and 70s  oozed peace and love, political change and planetary concern.  They had great ideas and a viable longing to universally connect but were so doped up that they ended up looking like freaks.  

I know, I know... not all of the original hippies were stoners; don't get mad at me if this was your generation.  I'm not pointing a finger.  And honestly, knowing my personality, I'd have been right there with the extremists.  I'm just saying, the peeps who dabbled allowed skeptics to create a stereotype and gave the mainstream a reason to disbelieve.  

Today’s hippie is not costumed in bell bottom jeans, mood rings and garland wreaths.  Modern hippies are ordinary people like you and me.  We are well-educated, motivated, clean and diverse.  We like pop, rock and country.  We are doctors, teachers and salesmen.  We don no defining look, do not live in communes or march on Washington, and most likely do not regularly drop acid.  We understand the scientific and have faith in the metaphysical.  We share a deep concern for the planet.  We quietly strive for peace.  We try to live mindfully.  We hope to reduce our carbon footprint.   We have consciously and responsibly decided know better, do better and live better.

So cheers to peace and love 21st century style!   


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  1. Good article. Thank you. I see a couple things a little different if you will indulge me a minute. What you are describing as the modern hippie I call a proto-hippie (of which I am one). There appears to be a movement of young people pushing a classical hippie resurgence and I find them to be judgmental, obnoxious and very smelly. They want to show the world how hippie they are by looking down on anyone who doesn't prescribe to their flavor of the month ism, or dress in burlap sacks from the garbage. Thank you for spreading the word that the dread-locked stoners begging for change and wishing everyone namaste do not represent all of us trying to make a difference.