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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

goody two-shoes

okay, friends.  i'm totally hesitant to share this b/c i'm going to sound like a resident of that black and white movie town "pleasantville", stuck in 1952.  but i share a lot of darker parts of myself, too, so i'm hoping this just balances out.

i food shop daily.  i'm a fan of the stop & shop in winchester.  (love nature's promise.)  between the bevvy of friendly house fraus and sassy ladies at the check out, the local grocer provides me with a little pick me up during the daily grind.  while i'm there, so long as i'm not rushing, i try to consciously return that yummy energy by helping out others.  in the parking lot, i grab bags from old ladies and help put them in their cars... collect stray carts and drag them back to the entry...  pick up litter...  stuff like that.  (gag reflex still in tact?) 

it's very easy to do and takes barely any time.  and when i do it, i'm collecting good karma.  just picking it off the karma tree.  plus, old people eat it up and i find their big dentured smiles and sweet little taps on my hand absolutely irresistible. 

sometimes i'll offer my arm to a random elderly lady on the sidewalk downtown and walk her to her car.  i make the kids carry her bags if she has any.  (i've never told anyone this before but i seriously do this whenever i see an opportunity.)  the lady of the day will inevitably grab me appreciatively and chat away cheerfully about this or that...  thankful for the attention and the human touch.  the connection is fleeting but beautiful and it is lost on no one.

so considering i actually found clip art of someone helping an old lady with groceries (below) i can safely assume that many of you quietly do these goody goody things, too.  can you share some of the seemingly simple ways you help others out?



  1. Love it! I sometimes offer elderly people rides when its really cold out or raining or snowing. This has at times led to doing their errands with them!
    - Lisa D

  2. I've always wanted to do this, but feared it would be taken the wrong way - as an insult that I saw him/her as being incapable. I too like reaching out. It does feel good, especially in the Boston area where the culture is so different from my home state of California.

  3. thanks for sharing, ladies! a great reminder that when we feel the desire to do something in kindness, we should go for it!

    "no act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted." (aesop)