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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

these are days

I separate my life into chapters.  I spent my twenties as a bit of a gypsy so I’ve collected memories from lots of different places, jobs and groups of friends.  In each chapter (city, ship, job or school), I was blessed to meet amazing people whom I now and forever call friends.  We don’t necessarily see each other or communicate regularly anymore but the memories of our time on this journey are treasures.

Last week I spent a good 5 hours scanning and uploading old photos onto my Facebook page.  I did it b/c I wanted to relive some really fun memories with dear old friends.  I wanted to let them know that I love each of them and hold our time together in a special place in my heart.  I can close my eyes and hear their voices, feel their hugs, laugh at their jokes, appreciate their friendships. 

I can even remember the way people walked.  In high school we spent so much time cruising the hallways in between class.  I can still see, very specifically, their strides – some bouncy, some skulky, some quick and self-conscious, some confident and smooth.  The point is, not much gets past any of us… and the things we see are seared into our memories.  Even seemingly insignificant details like the way we swagger. 

If you can take the time to reflect and relive your happy times with friends, examining the rich detail that your mind will allow you to conjure, you may find yourself feeling the love and happiness you once experienced with them.  You may actually appreciate them more now than you did in the moment or feel more connected to the experiences you shared.  You may feel like your friends are still right here with you.  And you know what?  On a spiritual level, they are.  It’s really amazing.  



  1. Facebook has just done this for me in the past couple of years. My bestest friend from elementary school with whom I lost track in middle school when she moved away, found me two years ago. Since I'm from CT, it was great to hear from her and she organized a semi-small class reunion of about 8 people from my class. I actually caught up with my very first "boyfriend" from second grade. Although we live so far apart due to different experiences and don't have much but our past in common anymore, it was so good to relieve those memories and the feelings that are associated with them. I am finding myself "finding" others from chapters past in my life - high school, college, other jobs and it's been great to catch up and see where everyone is now. Thanks for the reminder, Vanessa!

  2. how fun! it's so great that you organized a reunion! inspiring! i must say, the other great thing i find about facebook is the feeling of closure i get when connecting with childhood friends as an adult. as school aged kids we went through some tough times and growing pains together. fb provides an opportunity to mutually feel good about relationships as reasonably sane grown ups. ;-)