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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

a conscious effort

There's so much chatter about the modern conscious movement going on around the globe.  Are people living it, or just talking about it?  (I'm not doubting, just asking.)  Is conscious living part of your every day?  Do you act with clear intention? 
Here's a list of some things I'm trying to do CONSCIOUSLY...  full awareness...  living presently in the moment.  Disclaimer:  The word TRYING is key here.  I am not always successful.
  • love my family 
  • ground myself
  • be happy
  • connect with people genuinely
  • help people while respecting my own needs
  • buy earth-friendly food with less packaging
  • get my lazy ass to the gym... er... treat my body like a temple
  • reach beyond tolerance and grab hold of acceptance
  • know better and do better
  • organize my environment
  • be friendly to strangers and think the best of people
  • recycle every scrap
  • discipline myself
  • thank the animals I eat
  • drive my BFT (as little as possible)
  • forgive and move on
  • meditate
  • know that "I'm bigger than my body gives me credit for" (thank you John Mayer)    
This is a lot to juggle during the course of a day!   It's not easy!  I consider myself a "transition-in-progress" (to quote the t-shirt), trying really hard to live life with beautiful connections to this amazing UNIVERSE and with the amazing PEOPLE in it.     

What are you doing to live a more conscious life?  What's on your list?  Please share if you're comfortable - or make your own list and put it somewhere handy.  When we write things down they stick a little better! 



  1. So this is something that I strive to do as much as possible...and as one of my yoga instructors used to say as he was trying to get us to attempt a crazy-ass have to fake it until you make it. It's the noise of the hi-tech society that makes it so difficult to be in the moment and's that tweet or email or even blog (sorry, Vanessa!) out there that you feel like you are missing out on..that you forget that sometimes it's good to just be appreciate what is before you even if it's for a second. Another meditation instructor stated that sometimes people tend to be turned off from meditation because they beat themselves up for not being able to focus. Don't do that. Just acknowledge the thought that bubbled into your brain and let it go without beating yourself up for the thought...Just be kind to yourself and forgive. We are just human and trying to do the best that we can. Sometimes the effort is what really counts rather than the achievement....

  2. Linda, you are amaaaaaazzzinngggg!!!! Thank you for your pearls. i love the fake-it-til-you-make-it philosophy!!! eventually you will become it! and acknowledging that the effort, the journey, is the a valuable part of the achievement! i'm one of those people who needs time to quiet my mind and occasionally get frustrated. an idea to add to your thought bubble... brian weiss says to imagine yourself sitting at the bottom of a quiet lake - every time a stray thought comes into your head, acknowledge it, put it in a bubble and watch it float to the surface and disappear. i love the imagery and your beautiful insight! xoxoxoxox