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Monday, February 7, 2011

meatless monday

I'm enjoying my first Meatless Monday today.  Oprah featured the idea on her vegan episode last week and I was totally inspired.  This is something reasonable that I can actually do!  Health benefits aside, incorporating one animal product-free day into our week can literally change the world - and fast.  Mark Bittman wrote in Food Matters that by eliminating a few servings of meat from our diets each week we can dramatically decrease carbon emissions.  This can happen immediately.  Now!  Without government intervention.  Just replace one day's worth of milk, cheese, meat, poultry and junk food with veggies, beans and fruit.

I prepared meatless lunches for the kids (had to cheat and put in a cheese stick for my 6 year old) and  I'm cooking a veggie and tofu cassoulet with popovers for din-din tonight.  Let's see how this goes...

I keep thinking, if we're worried about this now, in 2011.  What will the world be like for our kids in 30 years?  How will they heat their homes and travel?  What will their food source be?

We can give animals a rest on Mondays, right?



  1. I applaud your green efforts. Can I come over for dinner? Sound delish!

  2. girl, i need some serious practice before i can entertain the master! let me burn it to a crisp a few times before coming over. ;-)

    thought exclusively of you as i was buying quinoa at TJ's. need your yummmmmmmmyyyy recipe!!! post it here - you have a wonderful audience from around the world! enlighten us!