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Friday, February 11, 2011

old kids

My kids are very young and sometimes drive me absolutely bananas.  In those moments, I try to remember that they are not just ill-behaved rug rats trying to test me and annoy me.  They are "spiritual beings having a human experience". 

I have such a deep respect for them because they are participating in this journey with their own struggles and walking their own paths.  They may be young, but their souls are experienced and strong - probably more experienced than mine. 

Sometimes we need to stop and look at our children as more than just little people who scribble on the walls with Sharpie and wipe boogies on their headboards.  They are deeply loving spiritual beings setting out on a new earthly journey.  Respect them, knowing that in other lifetimes they have accumulated great knowledge and experienced incredible things.


p.s.  If you are visiting after receiving an email from me, the special entry I was hoping to share is after this one.  Scroll down...   xoxo!

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